I don’t know much about cars and I need to buy a used car. What should I look for when testing/choosing a used car? What are your best tips?

First of all, be aware that the car meets a number of requirements.Does he look cared for? Is there a maintenance history? Choose cars that have a lot of mileage per year. A car of 3 years old with 300 000 km. is better than a 10 year old car with 100 000 km., in the sense that the first car may have driven a lot on the highway to reach a high mileage in such a short time , and highway kilometres are much less burdensome.

If you can follow this checklist: https://chris-fix.com/upload/How.…If you don’t know much about yourself, take someone who can at least complete the checklist and take a test drive. All this is to make a first selection.

Then let the car be inspected by a professional with specialised infrastructure.In Belgium, for example, there is the VAB Diagnosis Centre in Zwijndrecht. They specialize in diagnosing and measuring the state of the car. They deliver a report and give additional explanations, so you know if the car is in good condition and whether it is worth its money. If they say he is good, then he might be good too. In the Netherlands, the ANWB offers a similar service.

Of course, much depends on your budget.If you are looking for a car of 鈧?000 (which I would advise against if you don’t know any cars), such an inspection might be a bit over-the-top and can even be seen as irritating.

I also have no understanding of cars.My brother does, so I take it. That would also be my tip. If you don’t have such a technical brother or knowledge, you can take advantage of these tips from the ANWB:


I buy them through a car dealership with whom I have been a customer for 29 years.Meanwhile, his son is the director, but I know everyone, the mechanics tell me whether they know the car offered, or who have been in maintenance and what they think of it. They won’t sell me a bad car.

Otherwise I would let the ANWB do a purchase inspection, it costs money, but gives more certainty than without.

As an autofreak I regularly read online what people are raporting about cars that they drive, often also long-term experiences (also with second-hand cars).

Perhaps you also have to weigh up the maintenance costs, which can vary considerably per brand: The regular user cars like most Japanese and Korean brands are reliable, and affordable in maintenance (part prices!).Luxury cars like BMW, Mercedes and sports cars (like my Audi TT) are expensive in maintenance, the expensive brands often have expensive spare parts.
Our (Honda) main mechanic always told me not to buy 6 -7 years or older French cars, there in his experience (he had to check these exchanged cars) the electronics very often gave (big) problems that would cause a lot of costs.

Rust, engine condition, mechanical, brakes, tires, steering mechanism.How many owners. Test drive long enough to heat everything up well. APK etc.

It is best to bring a good friend who has wit of cars.

I might buy a second-hand car soon.The first thing to look for is that there is someone who knows something about cars. I really know so little that it has become very local, a little legend.

So they now ask things like “seg, find the gasoline tank independently, you have finally succeeded.

The last car I had was a Citro毛n C4 Picasso (0h what I miss that).The first question went wrong: Someone asked how much cc it was and I didn’t know. I finally replied that I could also play CDs.

That is probably also because I find a car incredibly uninteresting, so I do not unknowingly save anything about it.

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