I became depressed when I became an atheist, so death became the end point. Should I try to restore my faith and how can I believe again in God and a heaven?

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I can imagine a bit like this, as many religions learn that you can see a miraculous life-after-life.

On the other hand, it also gives you very very many freedom.

You no longer have to meet conditions to earn that life-after-life.You don’t have to go to church every Sunday, no more praying before and after dinner. You no longer have to justify yourself to a higher being.

That is a tremendous liberation.I know a lot of people who have been very limited by their faith in their lives and their choices. For example, I know someone who is so afraid of hell that she does not dare to leave her husband, even though he is not good for her and they are very unhappy together. I find that really terrible. That woman lives a rock life, just to be able to earn that life-after-life.

And that’s something you’ll never have to worry about.

You can spend your whole life to become happy, and lead a good and fine life.

You may, by becoming atheist, have lost a lot (your faith) and received little in return.Then your depression is an understandable response to a loss.

It’s a mistake that more people make: they throw the familiar way and suddenly stand naked in an unknown, frightening world.You did have enough power to take God out of the door, but not enough to fill your life now in your own discretion. That can feel like a void.

I do not understand why ‘ death as an end point ‘ makes you bleak.I am very pleased with it, you will have to say eternity, that is a long end though! But obviously that is something for you to rejoice in.

And I wonder if a belief is ‘ to recover ‘. That becomes a ‘ pretend ‘ story, perhaps acceptable to fellow believers, but never more to yourself.Oh well, know you’re not alone. I e.g. do it for a life long without faith. Very excited. For me, the faith is a dank and stuffy mess that I would be extremely depressed about.

And the words of Fons Jansen, cabaret artist of the Fifties, Sixties:

“It is not God that I have trouble with, it is his ground staff that is so opposed to me.”

Either: You may (not) believe in the way that suits you best.

All experiences have an end point.That doesn’t make them worthless yet. If you go to an amusement park and you experience a great day, is that day worthless because he knows an end in the evening?

Being dead is as far as we know not that bad at all.Non fui, Fui, non sum, non curo, or I wasn’t there, I was there, I’m not there, I don’t care: an Epicurian motto.You weren’t there indefinitely and so bad wasn’t it?

That being said, religion, irrespective of the truth claims, can indeed sometimes offer consolation.It’s up to you to make sure you find that more important.

I studied theology.And during my studies I came to the insight how religion is actually a human construction and decided to go a different direction (psychology).

I do not see myself as an atheist, but more as someone who seeks to find good in every religion, without directly connecting supernatural conclusions.

Yes.Death is an end point. Or maybe not. But it doesn’t really matter to me. I just do what I believe/hope is good and that makes my life even more meaningful. What is on the other side of life is… I see this again (or not).

What comes after death, I do not know.I know how I think and talk about those people who are no longer there and who have had an important place in my life. I hope that people will ever think about me in a similar way when I’m no longer there.

Immortality is bestowed upon us by the living, not by any supernatural being, which we cannot contain.

And to put everything directly into a clear perspective.When you read the Bible well, there is rarely talk of a ‘ heaven ‘ as a kind of place where we go after our death. This is only mentioned in the NT, because this is a cultural influence from the religions of the neighbouring countries of Israel.

Originally, the promises are very terrestrial.Abraham is promised a people. A group of fled slaves is promised a country where they can be free…

The origin of the three monotheistic religions is on the ground with both feet…

Live Well, then it comes well…

I understand your point of view.When someone gets depressed, it’s a sign that you have your own power giving away to something else or someone else.

In This case you have for whatever reasons, accepted that the belief what you had, did not work for you.

Now you are radically skipped to the other side, with the result that you have created an empty feeling in your values.This is what you try to fill in with the idea of atheism. It doesn’t make you happy and doesn’t work for you.

Instead of throwing the child away with the bathwater, and saying God does not exist and death is dead, go looking for a new interpretation for what it means to you.Go looking for your truth.

To intervene back to something you know does not work, as a result you are lying to yourself.Consequence more depression.

My advice to you is open to other filings of God and the afterlife.Test it for yourself. Get the good values from what you read and investigate. And release the rest. This is how you build up a system of values for yourself that will fill your life.

Fat mourning your feelings.It feels good, grab it, let the rest loose. This is not to say that you will find your answers in 1 organized system, which I can almost guarantee you lol.


I have some question marks in the sequence of events in your life.”I became atheist and then I became depressed.” I’ll be honest that I suspect it was the other way around. We humans are weird animals. We can think, but disregard the fact that we really live and survive largely on animal instincts and reflexes. But even worse, we hate to ‘ have it wrong ‘ (witness your question and its buildup). We rationalize everything to ‘ so I really wanted it ‘ or ‘ that was meant to hear ‘.

I’ll try to put your question in the right order and hopefully you will come to a clearer answer yourself:

  1. Death is the end point.

Sometimes our lives become so unbearable that we do not know whether to wish or not. Whether we believe that after something better or not. Regardless of whether we are judged or not.

  • Depression is often the result of chemical imbalance or prolonged emotional or cognitive stress, which makes you difficult to feel better.
  • Everything seems desperate and often causes feelings for suicide.

  • Atheism, or as I call responsible adult behavior, is the result of long-term emotional and cognitive development in terms of self-understanding and balancing of ethical and moral choices.
  • This does not happen, I want to say it even more strongly: never, in one night, not even in a week or a month.

    With the above, my suspicion is that your depression stems from a long-standing desperate situation, after which you have come to doubt the reason for your existence.Because it was a question of doubt, you were doubting whether the ground values you were raised with were beating. What your depressive only strengthened. Whether or not you are an atheist, remains to be seen. Especially because you ask the question here if you do better to believe in things again.

    I am going to ask a question that may be “irreverently”:

    If you don’t get any more gifts from your parents (if they still live), are you going to believe in Sinterklaas again to get presents?

    Faith in God, not in religion.

    I have three times my belief I lost God.But faith in God has also come back three times. But the belief that I got back was clearly more mature than the belief that I lost. Now I believe in God. But I cannot prove his existence.

    We all have the illusion that life makes sense, whether you believe in a God or not.If you lose your faith, you can renew your vision of reality. What do you think is important? However, you need a new phrase sillusion.

    I myself am a kind of believer atheist.I was raised in my early childhood with a very happy faith.

    Only later did heaven and Hell become involved.God and Devil. And of those brave Gris toes, who say it is such a happy faith.

    That is all more theology than faith.

    So I do not believe, but at the same time I believe that it suits me better.That I am protected with God’s love, as it were. As a real child you can also be ungrateful, and go your own way, after death we all go to heaven of the good God. So this is actually my childish belief.

    At the same time I don’t believe anything, but it feels better.

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