I am steadily losing confidence in humanity. What can I do to regain it if this thought is incorrect?

So, what a negativity in the answers!I don’t know exactly what you mean by confidence, but I assume that you mean that people are generally malicious and not trustworthy (I don’t know for sure, because you can also mean that people there are generally nothing of baking in this Society, for example in politics).

I myself am busy repacking my life and I find out that many people have good intentions and are not malicious.Sometimes it helps you to remember that no one is ‘ good ‘ or ‘ bad ‘, but that most people are a mixture of those two and in between. It’s grey area and so are we all.

It is important to remember that the majority of humanity has empathy, even though it does not always seem so. Many people are working with themselves and their own problems, but that does not mean that they cannot love someone, do not need warmth or connection themselves or they cannot give themselves.

Try to look out for the warmth that people can emit.I myself can already feel that when I walk through the market observing and mindful on my own. People make chats with each other, pick up their vegetables, buy flowers. Often they are together with someone. They are social beings who seek a connection with others by making a chat with each other. Are all those people bad and unreliable? I don’t think so. I think most people are gullible and well-intentioned.Do you try to think that they really mean the things they say where good, but that they are simply not always useful in conveying them correctly, or maybe you are very sensitive to rejection?

Unfortunately, the negative things are faster than the positive things.But try to focus consciously on all the positive you are doing. And that, should you experience it (it happens often enough, because not everyone is always comfortable in his skin), the negative thing you see is often an expression of diegenes uncertainty and fear and that these people often do not realise what they are doing with another and if They do know, they often feel guilty.

Now there are, of course, unreliable, malicious and dangerous people, but they belong to life.What I have learned a lot about is recognizing these people and distinguishing between small conflicts/oddities and real danger.

People are complicated, but most people are not dead inside.

I also struggle with this at the moment.

I would like me to say to you that you were sitting next to it, but I cannot.

It seems to me that humanity is currently in such a turbulent, call the year flat has arrived, or perhaps generation.That losing trust is perhaps right to keep yourself alive.

I would keep in mind that not all people are like they are represented in the media and the people you come across on the street. There are people, clearly in the minority, who see what you see as well. These perceive what you notice and that Conclusion.

They have the unenviable task of taking up this information, keeping it in the head, staying calm and keeping the hope of humanity alive in the very dark time that comes. That does not have to be a war chances are that it is. However, that can also simply be the loss of decency and general intelligence of the people around us.When one loses it, they also lose their empathy.

So my advice to you is to let the people making you feel that it is going backwards is not the upper hand. To keep the hope for humanity alive because soon you will, no matter how unlikely this sounds to you in your ears, be one of the one who E is going to learn again what empathy is. I’ve come across more of this kind of people try to stay strong and try to keep it full it will be desperately needed.


I have no faith in humanity itself.People are common, both physically and psychostically hurt, are selfish, hateful, steal from each other, can often be difficult to share and much more. Of course I also have to look at myself: Unfortunately I also make mistakes. That is why it is so important to me personally that I know that my mistakes have been taken away and I am forgiven by Jesus and every day I get help from him to do the right thing. I look forward to that day that everything will be rectified and we can live flawlessly and happily in harmony with our heavenly Father and with each other forever. Really very liberating, believe me.

You can set up a pink pair of glasses: That means you are optimistic and that you select from the many facts from the reality that are present in your consciousness, only the beautiful and fun to give attention.

You can also put on a welding goggles: Then they see the very worst from the same many facts.And you’ll lose your trust.

You can also adhere to the realism : There are fun and bad facts.And many more that do not fall into these categories.

It is clear which glasses you have now.Turn it off, as an exercise, and put the pink on, but how do you do it?

Make a month long, 31 days so, every night before you go to sleep a list of the three NICEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL things you have seen or experienced that day .Three but. Should succeed, is so happening. Write them down! In 10 seconds per day.

If the month is over (Not before!) You are going to categorize that list.Make it a mind map of or something, or lists of titles.
Stare at what you just made.And tap an answer to this piece. Tell.

Man is the most cruel creature that kills not only to eat, but also as a game, sport, for self-interest, self-enrichment.

The planet is inhabited by imperfect, unconscious, ignorant, split, malignant, selfish and sickly greedy people.

But since centuries, colonial Europe and the imperialist United States of America (US) have been the most powerful, the greatest aggressors, perpetrators of violence and terror, the greatest thieves of the wealth of the weak rest of the world.

Man is half blind and split between the true 脺bermenschen colonialists/True Untermenschen colonised, masters/slaves, Mighty/weak, good/bad, friend/enemy, aggression/defense, rich/poor, truth/lie, civilized/ Barbarians…

The European colonialists and the US imperialists are the cruelest aggressors, since centuries, and yet they find themselves “civilized”.Cruel and merciless masters of slaves who feel important and influential because by their military force they can let a lot of slaves, colonized, in the Untermenschen to enrich themselves, because they are unpunished permanent Aggression wars and commit a Holocaust with 100 million victims against the true Untermenschen.

Still slavery

I wish and ask for a dignified life, wages, freedom for the 5 billion people who earn less than 2 euros a day by toil long days in miserable working conditions, harmful to health, with high risks of work accidents.Their only opportunity is to work for a hunger wage in the sweatshops/Maquilladoras/concentration camps of the evil and sickly greedy, cruel and merciless European and American masters of slaves.

The international community had long had to impose a worldwide human dignity monthly minimum wage of 350 euros for 40 hours per week.

I also think that the international community should oblige the European colonialists and their heirs (US) & Partners to pay a monthly living wage of 250 euros to the 5 billion colonized.

The US, Britain, France and allies, are ruthless egoists, by extreme violence, the leaders of the free exploitation of the rest of the world.They have been hanging an objectionable ideology, Lebensraum, Blitzkrieg, Anschluss for centuries. With extreme violence, they are the greatest possible part of the world’s Drift.

Sociopaten in power

“Should we ensure that psychopaths no longer control and corrupt such a large part of the world, and we must ensure that only truly compassionate people with awakened hearts can reach positions of power and influence” Richard Burton ‘ Quantum Touch 2.0 ‘ page 265

In the end, the people in Europe and the U.S. elect sociopaths as politicians, prime ministers, presidents.As imperfect, unconscious, split, selfish and greedy people, they are, at least in their foreign politics, simply servants, representatives of the evil, selfish, sickly greedy elite of oligarchs, the “behind the Coulissen “True government, the Western bankers, the big multinationals, the arms and war industry (Big Money, Big Business, Big Oil, Big Aggression War). The Western Christian 脺bermenschen are since centuries followers of a reprehensive and violent strategy of Lebensraum, Anschluss, Blitzkrieg.

Earthly Learning School

In the coarse world there is an evolution towards more sense and consciousness.The only explanation I can find for this cruel creation is, that the creator/Great Spirit, to achieve his objective, en. Developing self-awareness, the way through evolution must follow, through plants, animals, people, through feelings, thinking, I-consciousness.

Given the state of imperfection, unconsciousness, ignorance, cruelty, selfishness, mismanagement of man, I think that this coarse-temporal world is only a dimension between dozens of other dimensions, fine material worlds.

The function of this coarse-temporal world is comparable to a particular school, where new students are included each year and students leave for a higher school.

The value and meaning of life here on Earth is equal to the value of walking through elementary school.

The Earth, as an awareness school, will continue to be visited by imperfect, ignorant, unconscious, selfish, split people.

Less physical dimensions/worlds

The people (I-consciousness beings) who have accomplished the lessons of unity, general interest, love, peace, compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness will, after moving the physical body in another dimension, fine material World.Through a philosophy of life with full acceptance, attribution and forgiveness for the deeds and events, the necessary life lessons are taught what the harvest of life on Earth is.

The fine-temporal world can be a kind of heaven, where like-minded people live together and where they can continue the spiritual evolution.This is ultimately the most real world and probably what the creator wants to accomplish.

That will be different for everyone, but what I always do at such times are;

1.Think back to the times when someone did something good/beautiful for you without getting there for some reason.

2.Heartwarming movies look up on YouTube (these are usually Japanese or Chinese and English subtitles).

Realize that it is only very rarely that an individual can make an impression on humanity as a whole, that it changes completely in nature.No, humanity is too big a bite. How about starting with yourself and for example there hard-core to choose in all cases to tell the truth, no matter what?

Firstly, I wonder if that thought is really so wrong. We are messing around the world at the moment.Poverty, animal suffering, plastic in the sea. Trees away.

And for what?A concrete jungle?

At times when I lose confidence I always go into nature, I look at how animals live peacefully in synergy.I look at how those with minimal communication know how to deal with each other. Are the moments when I always build up a silent hope that people themselves will see that too.

If you lose confidence in people, look for animals.There you see how peaceful it is supposed to look.

People are just ego-centric, materialistic, money obsessive, Narcissten.

If we were to turn that economic pyramid….

Something like altruisme, without necessarily a god to follow, but simply, that someone would want to be a helpful good person.

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