I am constantly tired and sad and see no future for me. I know something has to change, but I don’t know where to start. What should I do?

You need some external input.Someone you know well and that you trust. If you don’t “have” someone, I would appeal to a therapist. You should not let this run out of your hands. Can become dangerous. So do!

If you are tired you can be overworked.Rest is useful.

If you are sad and do not see any future, then you can be dissatisfied with your life.As if you weren’t making what you expected. I have completely failed in life and therefore have been depressed for a time. Eventually, after being wept, I have taken it as it is. Self-acceptance is actually why it goes.

Nutrition, extra vitamins can not hurt.Vitamin B supports nerve buildup. But just multivitamins. Physical states can play a role. Drink and drugs do not help to feel better again.

Exercise.I like to bike, but also cleaning up the house can help. Cleanup makes tidy up. All this more or less mechanically. While you’re feeling rotten you can do anything. This as a kind of exercise.

There are times when you feel less rotten, maybe you should even laugh sometimes.Remember these moments well.

Where to start.You can write something out for yourself. What would you like to tell a psychologist? What are you bothering? What do you see as a solution? And this then as a diary. Every day something you can do? Are there any things, failures, that you have not properly processed? Also write down what is going to be good every day. Shoulder PAT.

So something.

3 Fantastic steps you’ve already taken:

  1. Recognition
  2. Seek help from a professional (I saw in comments)
  3. Continue looking for what you are helping.

Really super because that’s really what the whole difference is going to make coming time.What you can do:


  • Good night’s sleep, maybe a better mattress/bed/pillow.

Sleeping hygiene like no screen 30 min before sleep, no snack 1 to 3 hours before sleep.

  • Other food: Until recently I did not believe in that. If I loved enough vitamins etc it came out fine… I have overthrown my diet and it has helped significantly
  • Drink more water.
  • There are plenty of calculators to give you an impression.

  • More exercise: I don’t know how much you are running/cycling/sport per week but at least 2x a week 30 + minutes doing a workout can help.
  • Of course within your physical boundaries.

  • Relaxing.
  • Fatigue can come among other things through prolonged stress.. More relaxing can help. However, consult your professional for correct advice.

  • Make an overview of what makes you tired.
  • From physical to emotional. This may give you insights


    • Talking to a confidant
    • Creative voicing: a diary/playlist on Spotify/drawing/closing/singing/stage/dance.. Do something you like
    • Make an overview of what makes you sad.

    Finally: maybe something of meditation can give insights on both aspects.If you’re in there at least.

    Strength and Betership!

    Walking first bits than a few kilometers… Really helps.And occasionally to a therapist for your depression. So that can conceive why you feel so, also helps really. And the most important thing to realize is that how badly you feel it will be begat and NOT give up. Stubbornly persevering against the flow in learning to swim.

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