I am ‘ allergic ‘ to bad Dutch in words and writings. If I encounter it somewhere I get an uncomfortable feeling, but I still make a lot of mistakes myself. Why am I so contradictory/conflicting and compulsive?

Yeah, I have too.Wonderful to correct others. And then I make myself a spelling mistake. Luckily, I have been alerted to Quora here.

And you know: (But this under four eyes) that is because we are also people.So: improve others, but not because you are better yourself. But just because we are coming together. Harder it is not.

I always had high ratings for Dutch in secondary school and I found that I was very strong in the Dutch language.Until I became active on Quora. I am so often corrected here that I am even afraid of it in all honesty. On the other hand, it is good to keep learning.

Even in this article I have written something more vouts.Luckily, it doesn’t fall on everyone!

You have to see your question a great vocabulary, but you have difficulty writing flowing sentences.For example, the first two answers above are written in live Dutch and are very well-able. But your question is wringing and it looks like you’re behind a wall and can’t get it from behind. Maybe language is not really the best medium to express you. Try drawing or painting, photographing or filming.

You are simply perfectionist in nature.Perhaps because you think it’s important to do things right. Perfectionism is often accompanied by high-sensitivity, which is why it also gives you an annoying feeling to tolerate write errors but also to make mistakes yourself. A higher IQ makes you think and type faster and logically sneak into mistakes. A higher EQ allows you to experience more of your own analysis. It is based on honesty and you should be proud of it. A lot of people who shrug on this planet. Luckily, you are different!

There are some studies that say that because the Cingularis Cortex Anterior has to do with fault detection, and with the processing of pain stimuli, that some people who easily see mistakes are likely to experience mistakes as well as painful.Furthermore, the Cortex Cingularis Anterior also has the make with attention, and so it may be that some extra stimulation can also have a TW with inattention. So, it’s possible that you’ll see mistakes more easily if you read than when you write (also because you know what you meant, and thus easier your intent to see than what you’ve got, “this is very normal with all people, and all sorts of behaviors), and so you can also A bit angry.

For me, it’s much easier to not be as unsteady with the language of other people to go the when I found out that it is quite normal to experience this, and that I can use my linguistic skills much better if I look at my own language.What I often have to do to improve my drives is wait a few days before I check it out. In Those days I forgot a bit my intent and I can see mistakes more easily.

Allergic is very much expressed.Take it yourself and another excuse.

Of typing on mobile makes everyone mistakes.Put the dots on the I, the diaeresis on the E…

So Da芒 鈧劉 s Ammel nie errug.

Finally, you don’t have to be more than human to sit here on Quora, you don’t even have to come from the Netherlands.If you do join.

And this is really great.

The annoying thing is that you need to study Dutch or at least have an interest in doing it right.People generally write less.. An email is sometimes tricky. It is the person who does the language correctly or helps soap. Who will nag or become with only exit D or DT word… there is no sanction on the right..

Language is alive… the changes that our language has undergone since its origins are considerable.Each generation makes its adjustments.

Dutch is a beautiful vivid rich language.. Fine that you are annoyed but movements in its use is unstoppable.

Perhaps this is the behavior of your parents?If you had a strict education you can also get the same behavior yourself.

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