I am 25 and have only had a girlfriend once (3 months). Every now and then I meet women, but nothing happens (last year I was rejected by 5 women). Why is it that I am so rejected?

You won’t like that answer.

If you’re a sensitive person, it’s better not to read them.

I will write the truth, directly and just as it is.

Without politically correct diplomatic German.

So let’s start with the basics:

Every human being has a value in different things in life.

So e.g. a value as an employee, a value as a taxpayer but also a sexual market value.

Typically, this sexual mart value (SMV for sexual market value) is given on a scale of 1-10.

A young pretty woman who has just become Miss Bayern would be a female 10.

The hero of the bestseller “50 shades of grey” or someone like Brad Pitt would be a male 10.

If you have understood everything as far as we have, then we can take the next step.

This SMV is measured differently in males and females.

For a woman, it’s 90% youth and beauty – that’s what counts.

For a man, however, this is more complex, we have a whole 7 main groups that feed into our value.

These are besides the appearance (example moderately muscular is good, thin sleeves with belly are bad), also our social position (glory, prestige, MONEY), our qualities in the leadership of people (politicians, entrepreneurs, idols) our skills to fight (MMA fighters) ), our skills in sport (world champion) and our social skills (known as charisma), as well as our skill in dealing with the opposite sex.

As you described your situation, your SMV is more likely to be down.

You now basically have 2 options if you want to improve your success with women:

1) You stay as you are, but try to appeal to women who have a slightly lower SMV than you do.

This means that you first evaluate yourself in the above areas and determine your own passive value.This could be a 4 or 5, for example.

Women are more likely to aim upwards for their partners.That is, a woman who is 4, wants at least one partner of 5.

2) You are dissatisfied with Possibility 1 and want a pretty girl (like 99% of all other men).

In this case, you have to work on yourself.

This will not be easy and it will take some time.

But only by increasing your own value DAUERHAFT will you be able to permanently improve your success with the opposite sex.

I would recommend starting with your biggest problem first.

If, for example, you are a man who sits a lot and does not have much physical activity, then membership in the fitness club is a good idea.3x week weightlifting would be appropriate.

If your main problem is shyness, then I would suggest first read on the Internet on the topic AND then apply it as well.An example would be at least 10 women a week to ask for their number.

I think that gives you a good basis to improve your situation.In any case, I wish you every success!

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