I am 17 years old and life is going worse. What do I need to do to find really urgent help without my parents knowing or how should I tell my mother that I really need help?

[“If you’re in school go to your CLB. They will try to guide you with all the sources they possess in all anominity. Don’t hesitate in such moments.

“,” I’ve looked it up for you.


In Arnhem You have a special service for youth who needs some help.Is quite normal. (I just sniffed in your profile to see what’s near You)

Read the movie once again.And if you find it necessary. Just contact them, they are for that. Can also be without your parents.

But as a mommy I can tell you… I would like to know if you are in the mess with your own.So just take a quiet moment with your mother. And tell me how you feel your own. And that you would like to speak to a professional.

And if you really have no one, and still need a conversation.You are always welcome in my inbox.

You have to take a good conversation with your mother, otherwise you can ask your GP for advice.

Jongeern from 16 years of age may decide independently about their medical treatments, see the website of the KNMG (Kon.Ned. Me. Promotion of medicine) Rights Minors

‘, ‘ In Belgium You can call the number 106 for free and anonymously and ask your question there.There are very competent staff who will gladly help you. It’s a good thing that you say it’s not going well. That’s the start of a new good start. In The Netherlands there will also be such a service that you can look up via the Internet. Best of luck and 冒鸥艗鸥 Kte.

“,” Just talk, express your feelings. If you don’t get a hearing or don’t want to make time for you, then it’s best to inform someone else of the family. Never without the knowledge of your parents seek help from total strangers. At 17, the great questions and problems of life and yourself sometimes seem unsurmountable, but you have to understand that nothing SHOULD, if you do not want. You are at the wheel of your life, and you decide where you want to go and which direction you choose , go for it with all your energy. Listen to the words of Alan Watts, Krisnamurti, they teach you in the now, to live the present. Not later, but now. From too much thought to earlier you get depressions, from too much thinking to the future you get fears. Live Now , tackle your problems NOW, eat healthily, move enough every day, sleep adequately and your base to address the problems is stronger. 17 is an age to enjoy, not to be anxious for the future or to drag the past along.

Because you are still a minor, it may be that your parents should give permission for a possible treatment of something that is found with you.But of course you can make an appointment at the GP. If you see enough reasons to refer you, you can also submit that question to the GP.

Is there a specific reason to hide this from your parents?For instance, an already complex problem is probably much more complicated. Good parents will do everything in their power to make recovery more probable.

You say you need psychological help and discuss it there!

Psychologists have just patient-doktor relationship.So they shouldn’t say ANYTHING.

Also not against your parents.

You can also search for a psychologist yourself.And if you have no money.

Say that to the psychologist!That you let your parents pay for it afterwards. Then you will get the bill sent. And you can still have your parents pay!

Hope you have something to do with it.I personally know how difficult it is to not be able to do your story.

Psychology is the only one that has helped ME with it.And 100% believe that works for EVERYONE!

But many do not dare to be 100% honest with the psychologist.

It’s the only place you SHOULD be 100% honest.

Only then does psychology work.

But Anno 2019?

Who dares to be 100% honest!

Good Luck!I hope you find your help!

Look out.There are also bad psychologists. Psynet is a lot of psychologists.

Watch Psynet!

One Love, one hearth, one soul!

You just have to talk about it with your mom so gather all you have to take that step because you don’t do that then it really doesn’t get any better but just a step worse!And just seek help for whatever your problem is!

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