I always feel guilty about everything, how do I get rid of it?

When you always feel guilty about everything, you may have far too high expectations of yourself.What does the voice say to you that makes you feel guilty? Don’t you have enough done your best, you shouldn’t make mistakes or should you always pick a 10?

Try to listen well what kind of criticism you give yourself.What did you not do well (enough)? Is it right that you make such high demands on yourself? You can talk back in mind and tell you that you are also just a human being, not perfect.

When you become trapped in your guilt, you can seek help from your GP.These can refer you to an appropriate rescuer.

There is a difference between guilt and guilt.At the second, your mind and personal insight plays a useful role, that you made a mature consideration and concluded that you dropped some stitches. Sometimes that also gives feelings. Advice is then to clean up clutter, ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself.

Guilt without good reason often carrots in shame and you feel too responsible for things that lie outside your responsibility or perfectionism, that you try to change yourself and find it difficult that you make mistakes and human The edges.

Learn to appreciate and accept yourself, seek positive feedback from others, and limit or neutralize negative influences, from others or your own thoughts.Often, opposing these voices is not useful, it is better to find distractions and to undertake some positive things.

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Could it be that you have not yet fully accepted yourself for who you really are?A critical voice that continually comment on what you do, resulting in a gnawing feeling and guilt?

If so, then you could best learn what milder with yourself to go.

You seem to have a great sense of commitment, low self-esteem and the idea that you are wearing the world on your shoulders.Advice would be mine.

.Have you done something about it or are you directly responsible for it, see to what extent you are accountable and respond to it.. If not, let it loose.

.Are there other ones that put the pressure on you, point them to their responsibility.

You are not responsible for the weather, even before the war in Iraq.. So stay realistic and try to relativate.That which you do, you carry responsibility for that. That what others do not..

At the moment you make a decision or choose, you do so in the way that is best for you at that time.You may think that you could have done better differently, some time later, two seconds, six minutes, four hours, three weeks, or fifteen years. This is often because the effects become visible. Is it something you can still do something about, do it. Usually that is not there. This is, of course, only for issues where you find that you have made a mistake. All other matters are not covered.

Very good that you asked it here on Quora.Now you know how to tackle this. O, yes: stop it; Do not.

Read this answer two more times.Three times. Good to let you penetrate.

That is common with people who do not find themselves worthy.

Try a meditation (meditate) or try to look in the mirror to your self and then think who I am, I am worthy not to blame myself everywhere.

There are many people who do it I personally think it prevents you from feeling yourself not important and there you have to come from saying to your mirror image I how not to feel guilty about anything, try it once.

There you do not come 1, 2, 3 from.You will have to go to the therapy anyway.

In any case, talk about it with people you know and who have a better perspective about it.

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