How would you rank the top ten countries by their significance in music history?

[“What a nice question and what will every answer be a source of disapproval, amazement and repulsion! Here my top ten list, in which I have to say that I do not know anything about non-western music and so leave it aside.

  1. Germany.

The greatest composer of all time-J.S. Bach-was German. Many other baroque composers were also German. Germany has always been the center of Romance, which is the richest musical music period so far. The list here is a bit too big, but the absolute top of the romance was German: Wagner, Mahler, Richard Strauss. Also later large musical innovations come from Germany like the music of Stockhausen (of which next week a mega-project in Amsterdam starts: Aus light).

  • Italy.
  • Traditionally, Italy is the musical cradle of Europe. That has ever been so strong that all operas were written in Italian. Italy is of course also the motherland of the Opera: the Lyric Opera, the Belcanto, the verismo. Is Germany the country of the most serious and elitist music, Italy is the land of the compelling and often even folk opera. But already in the Baroque Italy was decisive, with for example Vivaldi.

  • Austria.
  • Not only Mozart came from Austria, but also Haydn. The classical music comes from here. But also the first 12-Toons music Comes (originally) from this country: Sch枚nberg. Historically, that is an important development seems to me.

  • Russia.
  • Russia has also played an important role in almost all periods. Tchaikovsky is and remains a high point for opera and ballet. But in the later periods Russia has been often decisive with for example Stravinski. Russia has always been a leading opera country.

  • France.
  • Important composers have also emerged from France in all periods. Gluck in the Baroque. But the culmination in France was Impressionism with an impressive list of composers in a comparatively short epoch. I limit myself to being called Debussy, knowing that I am doing a whole list shortage.

  • United States.
  • The US is the origin of the popularization of the serious music, with Bernstein and Gershwin. They began to mix Jazz elements in symphonical forms. Also, the US is the cradle of minimal music, especially Phillip Glass. The US is also the country of origin of Jazz, which again forms the origins of popular music. But the US, of course, is mainly the center of modern Popular music. A lot of currents come from here and an awful lot of the most popular musicians ever.

  • United Kingdom.
  • Many of our oldest known music is English. Many medieval music and early Baroque come from here. This makes it historically a crucial country. With Handel (although originally of course German) and Purcell England was also in the Baroque still important. Then the importance faded, but in modern popular music it is probably the second country of significance, after the US.

  • From here it becomes very difficult, because there are of course many countries where fantastic music is and is being made.
  • But which countries have put the biggest stamp on the world’s music development is difficult to identify. A country with its own music, which has been distributed worldwide and has also influenced many other music makers, is Brazil.

  • Spain has produced several important composers over time.
  • At ten I really don’t know anymore.
  • There are several countries that have produced important composers but nothing compared to numbers 1 to 7. But, the tenth prize goes to Romania with Enescu, Poland, with Chopin, or Norway, because of Grieg? “, ‘ Italy, especially the late medieval church music.

    Germany, Baroque.

    France, romance.

    Iraq.(Nota bene While the current regime tunes disapproves)


    Brazil.(Much by polka, waltz and more complex rhythms inspired music throughout Latin America)

    Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.Salsa, Bachata, Reagaton

    United States.Jazz, Swing, Blues, Pop. For example Frank Sinatra.


    Netherlands.Church organs and rotating pictures.

    I really have no idea.But it is quite certain that the Netherlands is not in the list!

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