How were Nazis opposed to people who were born Jewish but had converted to Christianity?

My aunt was born in a Jewish family who had already converted to Christianity before the war.For this reason they stayed in Westerbork and were not transported to the extermination camps. However, the children were not baptized (their church only had adult baptism) so that they would be put on transport. Then the preacher went on a bike from Groningen to Westerbork to explain to the camp commander why the children were not baptized. Then they were removed from the transport. Later They were fed from Westerbork to Theresienstadt, which was a kind of “model camp”, where the Red Cross was also allowed to come. There it was anything but pleasant to relax, but it was not a extermination camp.

They were not about religion, but about what they called “race”.All the Jews saw them as enemies of the “Arysche race”. Not that they were so sympathetic to Christianity or any other religions. Hitler had developed a kind of “Arysch” or “positive” “Christianity”, where Jesus B.V. was not a Jew etc… Etc… It is assumed that if he had gotten the time to amuse all the Jews (and communists, and homosexuals, and Gypsy) he would have found other enemies, including Christians who had not “converted” to his supposedly “positive Christianity “. Dictatorers now need enemies to distract attention from their own actions and failures. You see that too nowadays.

According to the Neurenberg breed laws racial laws of Nuremberg-Wikipedia , the Jews were subdivided into Thoroughblood Jews, half-Jews, Quarterjews, and practicing quastjews.Practicing half-Jews and quastjews were legally considered as full-blood Jews, also called Geltungsjuds .

Jew was he who had 75% or more Jewish blood, or had 50% or more Jewish blood and:

(a) from a marriage that was closed after 17 September 1935, or was married to a Jew.

(b) was born after 31 July 1936.

c) The Jewish faith adhered to.

D) Child was of 2 Mischlingen 1st degree.

  • Mischling 1st degree was he who had 50% non-Jewish blood.
  • Mischling 2nd degree was He who had 75% non-Jewish blood.

Marriages between Mischlingen 2nd degree were forbidden.

  • German was he who had more than 75% non-Jewish blood.
  • In practice, however, quarter Jews were usually considered Jews but had a better chance of survival in Germany.In the occupied countries like the Netherlands one did not do so exactly with the Nuremberg Laws and everyone with a Jewish grandmother was considered as a Thoroughblood Jew. This is actually “more correct” according to the Jewish law, because according to the Jewish law, someone is Jewish if he/she has a Jewish mother (and therefore also a Jewish grandmother.)

    The story of the Christian women of Jewish spouses in Berlin known as the Rosenstrasse protest-Wikipedia.The Jewish spouses of the non-Jewish women were arrested according to the Nuremberg racial laws to be deported. The men were detained in the Rozenstraat in Berlin until the transport was ready. However, their husbands were protesting on the streets and they succeeded in freeing their husbands.

    I suspect, not positive, otherwise many more Jews would have repected immediately.One of the foundations of the nazistic ideology was the creation of a great Germanic empire led by a ‘ pure ‘ Germanic people (ÁúČbermenschen) that they considered superior to other peoples (Untermenschen). With pure they intended purity of race, not of religion. The intention of the Nazis was not to spread the Christian doctrine, but to eradicate all those who stood in the way of the growth and grandeur of the Reich. Germans who had a Jewish great-grandfather but were themselves Christian were also sent to the concentration camps because they had no ‘ pure blood ‘. The Nazis even controlled whether civilians had a ‘ pure morphology ‘, or the eyes were symmetrical around the nose, how long the forehead was, how dark the hair was, how light the skin was, and so on. Ironical is that Hitler himself totally did not meet this pure ideal picture.

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