How was it to travel on a plane when smoking was allowed on board?

Else!If I remember that correctly, you had the plane interior handed off with a curtain through the middle, from left to right. One part was smoking, and the other did not smoke. You had to give your preference when booking your flight. Until at some point, when people became more conscious, and more and more people chose not to smoke, and that was when flies were totally non-smoking. And also because people and healthcare became more aware of the scade that caused smoking. I almost never fly; During the 36 years in Ireland, I have only been back to the Netherlands 6 times. The last time in 2007. It was already very difficult to travel, along with Francis, when he was still alive. Now it is almost impossible to do just that. I would need someone, for the trip itself, and then 2 in front of the hotel (where I also need a hoist) but I also have to have someone who can help me, so I don’t see myself travelling to the Netherlands in future.

When we came to live in Ireland, in 1983, if you were to smoke in the cinema, and even in the hospital (!!) The latter was very strange for someone who had spent her childhood and also after, in hospitals and the Hoogstraat (Rehabilitation centre).And still do, unfortunately. It was a courageous step from Ireland when it was the first European country to forbade smoking in public places, pubs, restaurants, and workshops; That caused us a crazy situation at home; Francis, my husband, died, was my full time carer, and here you get one, ridiculously small allowance for it. Because it’s all work seen of course. That is why our house suddenly became his workshop where, therefore, should not be smoked! I was allowed to smoke here, because it was not a workplace. Of course we did not do anything about it. That was too ridiculous, to take seriously. You can’t expect from someone who works for 24/7 can’t smoke in his own home, when he doesn’t have a moment to go anywhere else!

Ireland cut a huge amount of expenditure: you just let family members do the work for 芒 ‘ 卢 190.-Per week.Can you imagine the P roubleshooting as they let professional people do that for 24/7 for such a salary..

Ireland was also the first country to have banned the use of plastic bags since 2001, but that’s a completely different topic.

The last flight I made during which I was allowed to smoke was in ‘ 99 to Kuwait.

As always when smoked on board, the smoking area was in the back for the economy but also in front of the business/1st class.

Immediately after takeoff, the first cigarettes were raised and after half an hour you could no longer see the side of the cab.As if everyone was in the smokers part chain smoker. The smoke alarm of the toilets went off without anyone sitting up.

I’m like longpatient I’m glad that time is over.

I think the smokers were back in… including me (earlier).Air system pulled from front to back so the people in front had no burden. I thought it was just fine because I smoked myself. Now I can no longer make a representation.

At the end of the eighties, it was still allowed to be back in the airplane.Very sociable I remember, I went for the first time with friends on holiday and smokers who had no place in the back and everyone made a chat. The chairs were also much confortabeler, you got a real meal, also on short flights and drinks were largely free.

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