How was it possible that in the US, despite the many talented people, the two most widely possible candidates for the presidency emerged in 2016?

I totally disagree with your thesis that both candidates were in 2016.Clinton is someone from the establishment, which is true, but that goes for 95% of the politicians in America. Clinton is absolutely no worse than any other politician.

However, she suffers from a long-standing hate campaign conducted by the Republicans.Therefore, people cannot think more rationally about her and repeat uncritically what has been told them by FoxNews and related right-wing voice tubes.

And well, Trump… He is a result of the clash between two cultures in America.One culture wants to move forward, wants change. The other culture doesn’t get it all that way and is especially terrified of that first culture.

There are some very big problems in America.I am very afraid that this is not just a problem. It doesn’t make a nice soundbite, my answer, hahaha, it gets a little long.

The very first problem is that America is a country of and for individuals. America has been conquered by the indigenous people (of which more than NINETY PERCENT have done it, either by killing directly, or by getting all sorts of illnesses against which they were not resistant), by individuals, who themselves and perhaps their families Tow rope names, and somewhere in the wilderness their camp struck.Government? Was not there. Police? Ha, was not there. If that camp grew then there was a sherrif, but those who started that town were loners. So, don’t you “may I borrow your horse,” because maybe they get the spirit tonight and pull them back, WITH your horse. And ASKING for help is equally difficult, because who can you really trust? All the towns of loners who felt suspicious for all who were not among the immediate relatives, and who did not appreciate the interference of government people at all. Until then, they had a good time without being saved, no reason to change it.

The second problem is that slavery has lasted far too long, and that the Constitution has been written by and for affluent white men, and that the abolition of slavery has not led to a thorough revision of the Constitution.There is, of course, even a war fought by half of the country that wanted to retain slavery by half of it. And that half that lost the war has done another two hundred years to keep black people out of the door as well as possible. And even the half that won the war contributed to this. It was only at the end of the years ‘ 50, and that is not 1850 but 1950, that segregation was lifted. That means the old guard white people grew up in a time when the Black fellow man was not seen at all as a fellow man. That has a tremendous influence on the culture here. It is of course impossible to change such a fundamental attitude within 50 -60 years. Especially if not all the people who work for the government cooperate in this. So racism is still the order of the day here in America. But the white people who participate in it, or who admit it, or who just keep themselves deaf and blind for this given, do not want to know. Those white people, with all the power, want us to cease to call everyone racist, because they find it unpleasant to hear. That black people find it much more uncomfortable to be shot if they do nothing at all for which they should be shot, that those white people don’t want to hear EITHER.

And then we have the sexual revolution, or to be more precise: the emancipation of LHBT people.So “all of a sudden” should those people regard how those gore gays (their words, I’m bi so definitely not mine) become publicly visible. “How DARE they do. How dare they push their sexuality into my face! ” That they do, as straight, that daily ALSO do not see them at all, because that is “normal.” Listen, if I have to look at the face of your husband, lady, you also push your sexuality into MY face. But they don’t understand. They don’t want to know. And then transgender people, that’s all very much. They are “mentally disturbed” and you should not encourage them. And transgender children… What very much. And then you shouldn’t start at all about asexuals, or about non-binary people, that just doesn’t exist at all.

And then there is the evangelical side.They have seized abortion to profile more clearly, since 1979. In 1973, a ruling was made by the Supreme Court in a case called Roe vs Wade. Since then, abortion is legal in America. But the evangelical side is only indented in 1979. Between 1973 and 1979 they totally agreed. The turnaround came when they wanted to stop the elimination of segregation in religious schools. That is not an easy subject, so then they have deposited themselves on abortion as a mechanism for getting the blood to cook and getting people on their side, so that their plans would be voted on. Nothing not “abortion is very bad” but “we can use abortion to get our way in other areas.” Very cynical and opportunistic, and absolutely not from any moralistic belief.

They have so many times they can and where they can tell lies about what abortion is exactly, and why that is so terrible. A large proportion of the women who voted for Trump have done so because of his pledge to place a very conservative court in the Supreme Court, which allows Roe vs Wade to be reversed.

Through this step, the evangelists have become an important part of politics.And precisely the groups of people I described in the previous sections, are very religious, and are en masse cases for their plan.

As a final point, the Republicans have been campaigning for a year and a day.Trump is doing this openly now, but this has been commonplace for years in the small communities outside the big cities. Politicians are not to trust (except them), news is not to be trusted (except Fox), science is not to be trusted (but the Bible does), left-wing people are all Communists who want the end of the world and want to destroy America. And since these are all people who come from those loners who were suspicious from the outset, it has proved to be a very nutritious soil.

This is all not new under Trump.The only thing new is that it is now open and exposed. Trump made it all salonfahig. It MAY BE now. Because the president is doing it too. Bullying (in schools but also beyond) has increased enormously. Violence by far-right groups and individuals has increased enormously. All people who see themselves justified by Trump. And that’s why they chose him. For their society is changing. And they don’t get a ball of it, and they don’t want to know anything about them, and “about their dead body”.

Has nothing to do with that he promised jobs.No. They also understand that coal mines really do not come back. They are excuses, bedtime stories: It sounds a whole lot better than “I find all those changes but scary, please make it stop.”

Polarization is the biggest problem.Additional problems that have worsened it is the political system where two parties have been saying for decades, that is not to say that fragmented can also not be serious, internal party politics, lack of neutral Journalism, lack of neutral science, lack of independent judiciary, law of geography and corruption. The fact is that many more candidates participated, but they were also rather loured.

What you often see in a dysfunctional and polarized system is that people with the strongest malicious qualities thrive, which has exacerbated the things.It becomes a kind of vicious circle where it is difficult to get out. Polarization inflates internal enemy images, resulting in a number of good qualities being snowed and bad qualities coming up, such as: lack of empathy, pride, egotism, greatness delusion (Trump) and manipulation, cynical Disregard, self-interest and deception (Hillary).

People who are voting on it and who are visually focused will choose pride, people who are more analytical-oriented opt for manipulation.What they get paradoxically is flater after flater, not to be proud of and to be served self-interest instead of that common interest.

And now how is that?There is crazy enough research done by American scientists and the cause of the polarization is sought in the absence of an external enemy since the Second World War. The conclusion shows that the polarization has increased since the Second World War. It is in my opinion lousy research and shows that science has become a part of the problem rather than solving the problem.

After all, an internal problem has never been solved through the creation of external enemies, rather you have a problem there.The real cause I suspect is that the polarization has increased so is one of the internal problems that the US has seen constitutionally, namely lack of co-op and a lack of an independent higher court. Since the Second World War, the demography and life expectancy of American judges has changed enormously and the number of vacancies is reduced three times. That flaw has gradually increased polarization.

Internal problems are unconnected by strengthening your democracy and democratic values, not aggression.

I don’t think Hillary was particularly loured.She does it badly on television and was therefore in retrospect maybe a bad choice. But she was undoubtedly a particularly qualified candidate, and her views are not particularly unpopular.

Trump is simply a candidate who finds you or is absolutely great or not.In the sense of unqualified, but for some it does not matter if he can give the liberal elite a middle finger. In a winner-takes-it-all primairverkizering, a candidate wins easily. It is not so bad that the majority thinks he was loured.

Trump is a logical choice afterwards.Many poorer Americans were dead sick of the poisonous, hypocritical, politically correct climate that the American politics as since Bill Clinton determines. The most politically incorrect man of the country therefore felt like a relief.

Hillary Clinton was simply the party establishment candidate.She had the connections, the experience, the financial support and mastered the politically correct jargon that was deemed necessary. In addition, she was a woman and the analysts had come to the conclusion that the time was ripe for the first female president.

Elections are not a method to get the best candidate in one place.It’s a great way to find the most popular candidate.

I do not want to argue for Plato’s furnishing of the state in which wise old men determine who is the best candidate for a position, but a filter between the people and the jobs would be a very good one.

In the Netherlands, political parties work as a good filter.You will, in order to become minister or prime minister or mayor, have to prove yourself within a party in which other directors-with understanding of the profession so-look at your suitability. And even if you believe that political parties are only engaged in power, it is still the most logical that they do their best to make as few bruises as possible for them to put important posts. But fortunately it is not as cynical as many people think, and it is also really difficult to control the country as well as possible.

Dissatisfied angry white men can cite countless examples of drivers who do not do well to their-especially political-insights, but we have relatively many good skilled drivers in the Netherlands.

Apparently because a very talented population has no guarantee of a political leader, who is equally talented. Incidentally, Mr.Trump is extremely talented. For Mrs. Clinton will apply the same thing otherwise she had never dared to be a candidate for the highest office in the US.

I think another US president, FDR Roosevelt it nicely worded:

“Presidents are selected, not elected.”

All the presidents of the US (except the eighth president) are family of each other:

Genealogical relationships of Presidents of the United States

I hope that answered your question.

That is one of the disadvantages of democracy.Voting rights for every uils chick in human form.

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