How transparent is German politics?

The answer is very much in the eye of the beholder.

We have the European transparency requirement.German politics is also adhered to by this. Mandatory. but

Where no plaintiff, there is no judge.

Significantly longer than the European Transparency Order will be broadcast live from the German Bundestag.I remember 60 years ago that I had heard such broadcasts from the radio and – at that time broadcast by ARD – had seen them. We used to switch off the transmitting device after a topic covered. We children then had five minutes to think about what they heard. Even then, I found a wonderful exercise in suming up the hours of talk in one sentence. I recall a speech by Franz Josef Strauss lasting more than two hours. During that time he had said – NOTHING. He had lined up a series of half sentences, had jumped from the stick to the stick, had tried to arouse feelings among the listeners and thus lead the listeners far away from our Basic Law into his time as a Hitler boy.

As children, we had no idea about history or politics.We listened unbiasedly. My experience at that time still shapes me to this day.

Today, Phoenix has been broadcasting directly from the German Bundestag and from all committees meeting in public for several decades.Here and there, other media also broadcast. dradio, for example.

In addition, all non-secret printed matter can also be accessed online and readable in full text.

In this sense, Therefore, German politics is quite transparent.

I intentionally wrote down the small section of my childhood that played a role here.I could not only memorize the first 20 articles of our Basic Law before the inclusion. Since we had discussed every single article at home, I also understood the content.

It is up to each individual whether they spend their time listening to individuals in spreading their personal opinions or dealing with the facts.Personally, I don’t watch “discussion rounds” and talk shows. Why? In politics, show can be understood as a propaganda event at a goebbelschem level. I really don’t need that. I am worth a lot more and much better. And “discussion rounds” , in which I do not have the opportunity to participate? What, please, is that supposed to be?

dradio regularly broadcasts real discussion rounds.Here listeners have their say, their contributions are to be taken seriously by those invited to the discussion, questions to be answered. That is what the journalists pay attention to.

Every policy, whether German or that of another state, is always only as transparent as the population wants, demands and allows.And the population is made up of you and me. This explains why I had some ideas implemented in the long term by the time-workers of so-called politicians at the federal, state and local level. Partly we were a group. Their participants may also have changed. But we stuck to the topic, and together we pursued the goal set. Sometimes I was alone. But I already had political practice.

Politics is not a one-off.If I want to eat a good and tasty dish, then I have to be ready to invest time and work. Politics is about many, many courts. Accordingly, I should like to take more time and work in this regard. Because if politics fails, it can cost me my naked life.

Incidentally, it does not matter whether a person living with our taxpayers’ money lives, lies, cheats, even steals in politics or not.

You and I, you and we decide whether or not such a person can do their business for another day at our expense.No one else.

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