How to schedule Twitter posts?

With social media tools, Twitter posts can be automatically planned and shared.

There are many automation tools that can make this job easier.But not all tools are suitable for implementing these tips sensibly, as Twitter only set new rules for posting tweets last year.

Blog2Social is specifically designed to customize your social media posts specifically for the different networks and communities.This allows you to make the most of the possibilities of the individual social media platforms and distribute your content successfully and in a time-saving manner.

The integration into the popular CMS WordPress.Within a few minutes, you can do the entire social media marketing of your blog posts in one go.

How to add custom comments, hashtags, handles, or emojis to your tweets

To make your tweets more personal and attractive, you can customize your tweets with individual #Hashtags and @Handles.With the “Customize & Plan” option of Blog2Social, you have the option to edit multiple tweets simultaneously in a unified preview editor. You can customize the prefilled text and add hashtags and handles or emojis, separately for each tweet and Twitter account.

Blog2Social also provides you with individual comment boxes for each of your tweets.This allows you to plan and share multiple posts on a Twitter account or across multiple Twitter accounts with customized comments and retweets.

How to select individual images for your tweets

When you share the link post, your blog entries are automatically shared with the image defined in your Twitter Card parameters.

If you want to share the same blog post more than once or share your Evergreen content repeatedly, you can vary your posts by selecting different images for each tweet or planning unit.

How to select different post formats for your retweets (link post or picture post)

With Blog2Social, you can publish your blog posts as a link post or image post tweet by default.

In the image post tweet, the image takes center stage and allows your followers to view your photos or infographics directly in their feed.

All images from your picture post posts are automatically uploaded to your Twitter media gallery. This way, your followers can still find the graphics even if your tweet has long since disappeared in the stream.

A link post tweet, on the other hand, generates an automatic preview and directs your followers to your website as soon as they click.

Both formats work well for Twitter, both have pros and cons, but for different posts and campaigns a choice between image and link tweets can be useful.

And this option also gives you more ways to vary your tweets to publish your content to one or more Twitter accounts in accordance with the rules.

How to plan your tweets at the best of times to maximize interaction

To share your tweets at the best of times, you can define the time slots at which your followers are most active.This increases the likelihood that the tweets will be perceived in your followers’ feed. To post during Twitter’s peak hours, you can automatically schedule your tweets using the “Best Times Manager” blog2Social.

In blog2Social’s “Best Times Manager,” these general best times are already preset for Twitter (and, of course, for all other networks).You can automatically load these times or define your own time windows.

So if you know what times work best for your tweets, you can save them as your own “best-time settings” for automatically scheduling your tweets and schedule the tweets according to your own time settings.

This is especially handy if you want to promote your products or brand internationally and across different time zones.

How to plan multiple tweets in advance

If you want to set up recurring tweets for your blog post, you can set up different recurring scheduling times for up to a year.

You have as many text boxes as you want for individual tweets to avoid duplicate content on Twitter. You can also retweet each tweet once on your primary Twitter profile and on another Twitter profile.

How to plan and manage multiple posts and tweets using the social media calendar

The Blog2Social Social Media Calendar helps you keep track of your tweets, edit them by clicking on them and add more tweets or change times and appointments via drag and drop.This makes it easy for you to plan and manage your content across multiple social media accounts with multiple tweets.

With the best Twitter tips for success

The following Twitter tips will help you increase your engagement rate:

  • 17% more engagement if your tweets are about 100 characters long.
  • 5 times more engagement if tweets contain a picture
  • 86% more retweets if your tweets include a link.
  • 21% more engagement if your tweets contain 1-2 hashtags.
  • 30% more engagement if you tweet during 8am-7pm.
  • The weekend brings a further 17% increase in interaction compared to the weekdays.

Verdict: Make your tweets about 100 characters long, add a picture, link, hashtag or handle, and tweet during 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and on weekends.

Don’t try to sell something on Twitter all the time, but share high-quality content, both your own and the curated content of opinion leaders, become part of conversations and build relationships.

Focus on strengthening your reputation and image and you’ll see that this will automatically drive your sales without the need for recurring sales messages.

Although all of the tips mentioned can only have a positive effect on your Twitter success, as well as likes, retweets and comments, it makes sense to start with a few and monitor your interaction rate.

Not every community is the same, so your specific audience may have a particular preference.So take the time to try out all the strategies in peace, so that you can finally determine exactly which tactics are best for your purposes.

Do you want to read, share or archive all Twitter tips again in peace?Our guide summarizes all the tips.

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