How to make a narcissist?

Thank you for the question.

No Contact.
Sounds lame, but the effect can be devastating.This can be increased by giving him/her the running pass first and not waiting for the Narc to shoot you. In mine, this has caused a psychosis. But mine also had a very small fuel matrix. The smaller the Fuelmatrx, the more violent the reaction. A rock star with an infinitely large supply of Narcistic Supply might not matter, but still No Contact.

If he can still see you on Facebok, then you can also post photos of good-looking people.Anything that suggests you’re living a happy life is a real killer for the Narc. However, you should only make this relaxation of No Contact for a short time, otherwise you will set yourself a trap.

If you can’t avoid direct contact and need to talk to him/her, then there’s one Narc killer idea:
You just have to think that, the rest comes by itself.This is THE Antinarc spell, or Thought.

When you criticize him, you do it as objectively and as gently as possible.The gentler and more objective, the worse for the Narc.

If a Narc annoys you at a party because he doesn’t want to stop talking, then you interrupt it by intercession and enquiries.If you question his statements, it will put him on the palm tree. Whoever asks the leads, Narcs hate leading questions.

Very good in a social setting it is also to make a lot of fun about every funny, the Narc will play along with enthusiasm until it is his turn……. This is particularly effective when everyone is initiated and everyone falls on the Narc.

When the Narc starts to sway around and yard for recognition, you ignore it, or you put another one on top of it.You have to really hit the kakke and rumpralen, the nerve really. You can also pretend you haven’t heard him and ask him to say it again.

Counter-projection: We all know how to project narcs.So you throw the accusation back at him. You let that degenerate in the famous “No -You” game. Gewiiner is who can say “no- you” with the greatest pleasure. Four-year-old kids are the best sparring partners for this game.

Satirical Gasligthing: Your Narc asks, “Where’s the orange juice?” You drink the orange juice in front of his eyes and say, “No idea.”Of course, any other kind of arrogance goes, at the latest after an hour you claim that you never said that.

Any kind of insult, or what we neurotypics would perceive as commonality, should be omitted, that only provides food for the Narc.
Shouting at a Narc is the most polite way to criticize him.Breaking down in tears in front of a narc is the greatest homage to him. If you engage in a foray into a conversation with him, then this fact alone is an example of his superiority.

And remember: The biggest mistake you can make in dealing with narcissists is open and honest communication.

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