How to build a Customer Journey Map?

This question is not easy to answer.The paths to the product and the shop can be far too different. So it makes sense for on-and-offline purchases to go down different paths.However, a good and suitable picture is already produced by multi-line tables, which accompany the consumer from the idea to the purchase of the product. A raw version of a Customer Journey Map may look like this:

In the initial phase of the trip, the customer first realizes that there is a need.

A need arises and the search for a solution begins in the awareness phase. Initially, research is not carried out on different products, but the customer begins to familiarize himself with the offer. Competitors do not yet play a role in this phase of information discovery.In the next phase, these considerations tend to come to the fore. Now it’s about finding the best product that meets the requirements. Here, sober product comparisons and supplier comparisons are increasingly in focus.

The decision has been made – the actual purchase is made.Here you have to put the lid on it. The package is ready and the buyer should not get any stumbling blocks in the payment process now. It is now a question of the smooth, technical process at the checkout.Make sure that the customer can pay even without full address information. Leave a mail contact as information if the user does not want to create an account. The more payment options, direct bank transfer, Paypal, etc you can offer, the better it is.

What can be improved with the Out of the Box Experience?

This is followed by the first product usage.

Theout-of-the-box experiencecan also be a way to inspire the customer.Especially Apple or other suppliers shine with excellent packagingvariants.The folding techniques are noteworthy. The first commissioning or Application should work smoothly. The first use should therefore become an exemplary presentation. In this case, the company should provide appropriate information to ensure that there are no errors in the application and commissioning.

The prime example of a customer journey: the purchase of a washing machine

The following Customer Journey represents the development of the customer in the process of the product search up to the benefit of the product.The individual experiences can also always form touchpoints for the company. There is no final always equal customer trip. Each product sometimes offers different waysto meet Resonsonz at the customer’s home.Connection points for the werbug can be made on- and offline. However, there is no point in separating the media. On the contrary, a cross-media strategy with many communication channels can certainly generate a much better chance of buying.


Thus, the Customer Journey Map is complete and the entire shopping experience is complete.

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