How strong is the genetic link between the ancient Romans and the current Italians?

I am Italian, and according to me, the genetic link has to do with the region where the ‘ ‘ Current Italians ‘ ‘ live.

Italy has been occupied over time by dozens of peoples: just after the fall of the Roman Empire, we have had the Normans, then the Visigoths, in some regions we also had Arabs (Sicily), and in recent times (after 1400) French, Spaniards, Germans (yep, for 1945 Al:-).

From a genetic perspective, before and in the time of the Romans, there were other peoples who inhabited the different regions of the Peninsula.Before and during the time of the Romans lived Greeks in Sicily, Calabria, Apulia, Campania (my region of descent), we had the blonde Messapi in Apulia, the Etruscans in Tuscanie and on the coast of Lazio (Latium) to the region of Campania, the Irpini (great enemies of the Romans) in a wooded region in Campania. These nations were defeated by the Romans but they did not disappear from one day to another. The Dnas of these nations, together with those of the Romans, form the genetic basis of the present Italian people.

Italy is not the easiest country, logistics seen.Since the time of the Romans to recent times, many regions and places have remained unreachable or difficult to reach. In The Middle Ages, many mountain villages and towns were founded by civilians who fled to the coast because of the plague or other illnesses. This has resulted in a mix of populations and genes, but still to a degree.

I think that the (partial) isolation of some places has helped preserve the genetic basis of the peoples who lived in those regions for the Romans, and those of the Romans themselves.

And even in other places where invasions and currents of other nations have been found, the DNA of the Romans is still somewhere.Whatever the impact of an invasion, the genetic basis of a people or multiple peoples who have lived somewhere, is always to be found.

Downstairs I paste some pictures of ‘ ‘ old ‘ ‘ and ‘ ‘ modern ‘ ‘ Italians.

A Roman:

An Etruscan woman:

A few from Pompeii:

A Roman man:

A Pomian woman:

Actor Raoul Bova (parents from Campania and Calabria, so Greek-Roman features):

Singer Max Gazze (Sicilian parents, Greek + Arabic + French Blood):

Actress Sabrina Impacciatore (parents from Calabria, Greek-Roman features):

Actress Sabrina Ferilli (for the Botox) (from Roma):

Myself (parents from Apulia and the coast of Campania):

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