How scientifically based is atheism?

As an introduction from Wikipedia: Atheism (from ancient Greek, theos, German ‘without God’) refers to the absence or rejection of the Faith to God orGods. In contrast, theism (Greek: “God”) refers to faith in gods,with monotheism depleting faith in a God and polytheism faith in several gods.Atheism in the broader sense includes some also the agnostic atheism, according to which the existence of God or God.unexplained or unexplained. In the narrower sense, however, he refers to the convictionthat deities do not exist.

Even believers know, or should know, that you only believe.So they accept something that is not proven. Faith alone makes you blessed, but it does not testify to KNOWING (here: one or more gods)

Actually, it is nonsensical to ask why I should base something like the non-belief in a God (so I don’t know that God exists, I just believe it) in a rational way scientific basis.

Atheists say: The image of God, which the different religions proclaim, is based on narratives and testimonies that do not stand up to a closer examination.Christians refer to a number of texts, which were freely written by a number of people, in a time and environment in which beautiful fairy tales have always been written. For the Bible a collection of texts was chosen (and other texts from the same time, on the same subjects were not selected and even destroyed) in order to hold together a community in order to justify itself as not only spiritual leader. The texts conjure up an image of a man and “God” who is said to have created the world. The history of the Earth, the planet on which we live, is described there, as well as the “creation” of the first man (Adam) and the subsequent creation of the first woman (Eva). Or is this other version, which is no longer to be found in the Bible: Excerpt from : For a reconciliation with Lilith In the beginning, God created Adam and Lilith from the dust of the earth and blew their breath of life.Since they had both been created equal, they were equal in all respects. Adam, as a man, did not fit this, and he asked Lilith to submit to him. Lilith refused, called God’s holy name, and flew away. Immediately Adam complained to God about it. God sent three messengers to Lilith to ask them to return to Adam. Otherwise, she will be punished. But Lilith did not want to live with a man who did not treat her as an equal, and she decided to stay where she was.
As a substitute for Lilith ,”built” (banah, Genesis 2. 22) God for Adam a second woman from Adam’s side: Eve, who was no longer “created” like Adam (jazar, Genesis 2:7), but as “a help to him”.During the creation process, contrary to God’s original plan of creation, the woman was reduced in size, just as it had happened with the moon opposite the sun (Chullin 60 b).

In the “Bible” texts that do not fit into the formal image of God are simply omitted.Conspiracy theory?I believe that in the ancient archives of the Vatican a number of writings are kept which are not made public in order to ensure the unity of the Church.

Over time, believers could demonstrate both non-believers as non-believers with verifiable and verifiable methods, (and this is exactly what is scientific) that the Bible is wrong in many respects.Some of the most glaring mistakes you will find with a bit of search also on the Internet and the drastic methods with which the “Church” wanted to suppress this evidence!

On the knowledge of these errors and false statements, never corrected in a recast of the Bible, the scientific foundation of people who do not believe in “God” is based.

Here is a website to read: Counterfeits and Contradictions in the Bible

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