How safe is it to drink water from a cactus?

There is no free water in cacti at all, that is a myth.It is true that 70% of the fabric of one of the large column cacti that can be found in the Sonora Desert is made of water.

But when you cut a cactus like this, you only find fibrous tissue, no water.You can try to eat something like that, of course, but you shouldn’t get it. Most column cacti contain pharmacologically active substances or bitter substances, otherwise the Indians who have been living there for 7000 years would have used the plants in this way for a long time. On the other hand, the fruits that occur in July are edible!

You can make jam from it or make an intoxicating drink, or just eat it as fruit.

In the USA, this cactus is known here as barrel cactus: this means barrel cactus

Supposedly, you can extract water from it like a barrel.

You just have to separate the plant!

Good luck with that!

I tried it once, when I recklessly went on a photo tour without water in June and underestimated the distances.

Neither my Swiss army knife nor thick stones could do anything to this thorn fortress. Not for nothing is the cactus in Latin called Ferocactus.

This plant also consists of a fibrous mass inside.But this is edible! In the past, pieces of it were candied in sugar and sold as “Dulce de bisnaga”. It tastes pleasantly sour – but cutting and cutting such a cactus may produce 200 kg of edible tissue – the production of which took about 200 years. Hardly a sustainable product, which is why it is forbidden to manufacture it nowadays.

It is also possible and much easier to cut off the limbs of the Opuntia and cut off the thorns along the edge.The army knife is easy enough for this. Then cut out the thorn nests on the leaves. But you should choose the right plant, there are 70 different ones.

The one here goes.

Reasonably. Opuntia phaeacantha.

This one is no good!

The limbs are far too thin and dry.

Opuntia gosseliana. The color is actually purple.

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