How safe do you feel in today’s Netherlands?

My first home in the Netherlands was in the Bijlmer.When I told others where I was living, almost everyone asked me whether it was safe.

My first job was in a beautiful idyllic village by the water, with windmills, grazing cows, in short: perfect illustration of Dutch countryside.One day I had to reach the deadline and stayed in the office for a long time. Usually I could ride with a colleague of the ICT security who was also such a nerd as I was and made long days, but he was not there.

I walked out of the office, it was already dark and no one outside.19 hours has been already, people are cruising down to eating or watching TV. Suddenly I heard footsteps. Someone walked behind me. A man in the 40 with confused look. I walked to the bus stop, he walked behind me. When I walked a little faster, he did that too. He took the same bus. When I stepped out of the bus, he also stepped out. He did exactly what I did: faster, slower, stopping, going further. He obviously wanted to walk along. Then I saw a group of Antillian youngsters. They made noise, they made junk, they played hard music: in short-nuisance. I was right on them and said, gentlemen, can I stay with you? There is a very scary guest behind me and I dare not walk any further.

Well they found it the joke of the year.They thought they were the scest in the neighbourhood. They walked with me to my front door and did not leave until I did the door on the upper and the bottom slot. Then my knights went away in shiny armour and I felt safe again.

I now work practically on the Amsterdam ramparts (I mean in terms of location and not work content, haha) and I feel completely safe.If there are people, I feel safe.

With the day more insecure. We have here a small shopping center with an Aldi AH Kruidvat beverage Shop and 2 restaurants (Shoarma and fries). In the last few months, 5x robbery has been committed on those shops few days ago the Kruidvat. Then EA months ago Old woman overtake and really blood pee. And the neighborhood to itself is nothing wrong with that, I know and hear about that.I occasionally get the idea that the police are too busy to write out div coupons. Because you see them here (usually happens evenings that are overtaken) evening rarely or never.

Reasonably safe.Though I am worried about my health and the many (air) traffic

When I went to the Netherlands in October 2017 I found the atmosphere much more relaxed than in France… Namely in the trains we had a restful environment.In Paris and its Randstad, the atmosphere is violent… I’m not exaggerating. I have also heard that your prisons are closed… T’is still a sign right?

Very safe.. Al Howel I am very worried about what Mr. Wilders end his dangerous pertide that want to leave the hell land exploding.

I do not live in the Netherlands but I think it is much safer than in Venezuela Caracas.

Very safe.As in almost every country, unfortunately you can accidentally run into the wrong, but the Netherlands is very pleasant.

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