How old would you like to be? And what do you still want to achieve until you become that age?

What I find most important is to live in good health.When I look around, people start to develop after their tastiest ailments. I think the age of 85 years as a target age is fine.
What I would like to achieve is a lot of enjoyment.

The most important thing for me is that I want to be old without too much doom, bruise and ailments.As long as I feel vital and healthy enough it doesn’t matter how old I’m going to be. I just don’t hope that I am going to be old enough to make the moment that science has succeeded in making man (in any form) ‘ immortal ‘, so that I am not going to be asked for that choice. I would not know at the moment whether or not I want to become ‘ immortal ‘, but (thankfully) have no choice now. The purpose of life is to die.

Until my own expiry date has arrived I just take my steps every day.As long as I live I try to do as much and often as possible that which makes me most happy (making music, cooking, Capoeira, traveling) and fulfilling.

Life is gathering memorable moments and experiences, developing your talents, making personal growth and mistakes, making a lot of mistakes (but preferably never the same).Finding my ‘ Ikigai ‘ (Japanese for ‘ reason of existence ‘) was my goal for years. By now I have found several Ikigai’s and I stand up every day with the feeling that I have my own reason (s) for my existence. Finding my Ikigai was never successful without all the mistakes I made and all the failures I have had to process. But well, you know what they say: no pain no gain, without friction no gloss, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, etc. So take risk, dare to jump into the deep and don’t walk away when you look in the mirror when you don’t like what you see. Be your own Guru and you will be able to achieve everything you focus on all your energy and attention.

Every time I breathe, it is a breathing closer to my last, so I want (the) to reach a point in my life where I have a lot of breathing space.That is to say financial security/stability, but it must be opposed to having more than enough (free) time to carry out my passions. A cottage in the tropics near my family (Bali) and another piece or 15 destinations around the world where I still want to travel and experience. By now I have been able to create a life for myself in which I am financially more than reasonably stable (as my own entrepreneur as a world caterer I care for catering services in Amsterdam), I have enough breathing room to make music too, sports, Regularly go to the sauna and to be able to travel at least 1 month per year. Much of what I consider to be ‘ success ‘ I have achieved to some extent, but every time I can raise my bar again. My lat shouldn’t be higher every time, but it may/may be.

Last but not least: I am now 42 years and stand alone without children.For me, a life partner has never been a priority number 1 in life, but I do stand wide open to real love. If I were to bump into the love of my life, I would also like children (two). I would like to offer my children as many opportunities as possible to develop as unique individuals and to convey everything to wisdom and experience that I have gained in life. I have a tremendous urge for creation (music, art, design, poetry, culinary) and no day passes without me creating something. I simply cannot leave it. My creativity must somehow become tangible for myself. But my children I would consider the most beautiful two works of art I can leave in the world.

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