How old were you when you got your first pet? What kind of animal was it?

We got, a few months after my birth, a cat and a dog.The dog was a Basenji-a breed of dog that can’t bark and rather likes to bite everything and everyone who doesn’t belong to the pack to his idea.

If there was a visit we had to put him on the leash.But apparently I belonged to the pack because I seem to have left him at the age of three without any notable incidents. We played well, and that went harder than with most dogs. I have been bitten-never hard and only in my arms-and have therefore learned early that you should keep a dog in the boss. In The Seventies we did not do so hard about biting dogs and education. It was a sweet beast and his behavior was predictable for us. He has become 17 years old.

“,” My parents already had a Flemish giant when I was born and there was also a cat.The rabbit died in old age when I was about 3 years old and the cat came under the car.

“,” That’s a painful reminder.Together with my older brother and sister, I finally got a doggy. It was an incredibly cute fox terrier puppy. So IE looked like:

I was six years old.

Unfortunately, the beast had a disease and after a few months we had to let it fall asleep.

That has lasted for a long time before I was over it.That has kept me the rest of my life. At a certain time my parents and teachers in school asked themselves whether it was normal for months later that I still hid me during all the hours of play on the toilets to cry.

For that reason, my parents have waited several years before they bought a new dog for us.They were too anxious how I would react if something could happen to them too soon. Fortunately, he was seventeen and had a wonderful life. That makes things more bearable, but again I found that in contrast to the rest, I was not very much longer.

Very striking was the remark my mother made me later during the funeral of an aunt of mine.I was startled by the truth and could not but confirm her determination when she whispered to me in the ear during the church: 芒 鈧?艙do you actually know that you mourns much stronger and deeper when your dog dies than when we are a person from the family or from your circle of friends? 芒 鈧?I had never stood still and attracted huge eyes of recognition. We looked at each other and had to bother to not start laughing out loud.

Sorry folks, but I can’t remedy that.It’s just in me.

Five years.It was a Cocker Spaniel, Niko. A BRAAF beast, which of course suffered from the usual ear infections. So he got a druffing! It was a weird sight, seeing a huge stain hanging over his head like a steak:

He was not as playful as the later Dashond, but we have had many fun moments together.

I was 8 years old when I got my first pet.

It was a guinea pig. Then I never had any more pets until I was 55. Then I got a cat. Since a year I now have my third cat.

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