How often do you feel lonely?

I am a foreigner and have lived here in the Netherlands for 18 years.I live in a small town in the ‘ middle of nowhere ‘ South Limburg and there are many foreigners but not much of South East Asia, where I come from. I tried my best but it’s hard to make girlfriends here, especially since my daughter is already a teenager. When she was still in elementary school, I have regular contact with other mothers. There are sweet and nice women but no one I can really call a friend. Then I’m busy with my daughter to take care of it so I don’t feel the solitude so much. But now that she sits in high school, she is more independent so I have more and more free time for myself.

The only girlfriend I have is busy with her job now. We have started home care work at the same time but she has gotten a permanent contract but I do not.My team leader was also not a nice guy and I had to go away when my contract went off after 2 years. So now, I have to stay home and do nothing. I applied everywhere so fingers cross.

I don’t have many company overdags so it’s lonely though.When the weather was good, I walked a lot but now I can’t do that so often. I also have a lot of trouble with my epilepsy and diabetes so I sleep very bad here-a good night I can sleep 6 hours. A bad night, maybe less. I don’t know anymore.

It is very very difficult for me now. Often I think of suicide but then I also think of my husband and daughter so I can’t do it.I don’t want to screw up my daughter.

I do know that my Dutch is bad therefore I come here om’t to practice.So be nice please.

As an adult woman, I almost always feel lonely.Until a year and a half ago I was in a relationship in which I could not participate in social activities. I am naturally very extravert, and it is very important for me to be able to bind, talk, share, experience and enjoy with people. Especially bind.

I missed that in my previous relationship: My partner was introvert, and just wanted to stay at home.Now I’m single again, but unfortunately even without binding, without love… And that’s why I feel very lonely.

Although it is now a little easier to meet new people, but yes, it is not yet a deep bond, and therefore I always feel very lonely.

Luckily I have my children for the week, then I am full-time mama and the solitude is slightly less.We share a lot of love and that saves.

I also decided to just go out, even if I’m alone.It doesn’t matter to go out alone, and I feel that only staying home makes solitude worse.

Last year I had many dates, with several men who also felt very lonely.I think there are more and more people who feel lonely.

To conclude, I would emphasize that despite my feelings of solitude, I am still happy.


I used to be lonely.I had the weird idea that you as a human being had to have friends, and I didn’t have them.In 2002 I emigrated with my wife and at a later age it’s hard to make friends (at least I experience that). If you are young you do not have the activities that you bind to your home. By now I have 2 children and 1 of them has a mental disability which requires constant care. Then you won’t soon get out of the house. Soon you discover that colleagues are not friends anyway if you can’t join everything or they can easily invite at home. I have tried it sometime but it usually runs out of nothing.

At one point I just said to myself, “who has actually told me that friends are needed?And for what? ” After all, I have a wife and children at home, so to contact and intimacy no shortage. I also have no secrets for my wife, so I can talk about everything with her. Since then I have no more expectations of other people and I am never lonely anymore. Sometimes I’m still invited to a party by colleagues, but I don’t expect anything about it, and it doesn’t excites me to talk to the people in the end. It is quite cozy occasionally, and there is laughed but I am not going to call intimate conversations anymore.

My threshold has also become high, if I notice that someone has other norms and values I’m gone very quickly, and that person is not a potential friend anymore.My wife can still be jealous, so girlfriends I don’t find a good idea anyway, and no need.

Should I ever be single again (widower or divorced) then I might look up a social scene again, but I would rather find someone who can live with me in the house, so I have a little claim, or if it should be a lat relationship, but I would really calm it AA n do, because yes there are children at home.The need for sex shouldn’t be a reason for a ‘ compulsory ‘ relationship.

When I was a single, I was really lonely, but it wasn’t that crazy either.I lived alone and had no one to talk to at home. That is actually absurd, so we are not made. We are social animals, and the single existence in which your home pathetic on the couch is your ready-to-eat meal without being able to sit with someone, however superficial, is a disease of modern society.

Then give me Polyamorie, where you can choose to live loosely or more with more people, and be able to form a larger family, with or without children.That is much closer to the old village square/hut complex/tribe where man has become what he is now.

And beyond all of this, there’s yummy Quora nowadays, where you can get rid of this kind of story.These are not great secrets that I can only share with the most precious friends, privacy is also overrated as far as I am concerned. This is just such a story that you would share on the couch with or without that ready-made meal.

I am a bachelor and I live just in my yaron and feel good with it.Because of my work as a software developer I am actually married to the Internet and I can speak to whoever I want, whenever I want.

But well, maybe it’s a bit autistic or so but I’m just keen on myself.During parties I prefer to find a quiet spot and during meetings I usually sit in the background. In the workplace I prefer to sit in a quiet corner but if it is not there then I can still close the rest perfectly.

Yeah, I’m just not lonely!Never, actually. This is exactly what I want!


I love to be alone -live alone, be unmarried, (consciously) no children.I have a LAT relationship, work as a stewardess, working on startup as a self-employed and entertain me excellently in my uppie.

When I’m at work, I’m surrounded by hundreds of people.I have a handful of friends/girlfriends and dozens of acquaintances. Am not a family man, but do have good contact with (mainly) my sisters.

I enjoy being socially busy with the (above) known acquaintances and can eat out on one night, about 2 -4 weeks ahead for me in the distance, the need feel again to undertake something with one of them.

I really enjoy sleeping alone, from coming to a quiet, clean, tidy home, reading and netflixing until deep into the night and whenever I want.If I want to bake cookies at 2AM, I do that -not a resident partner who then comes to ask why I do that. Pulling my own plan, eating outside the door, going to the BIOS, shopping without needing another-I like that freedom.

A person who gets energy from people around him might feel lonely.I load up just by being alone, but have to pay attention that I don’t overdo it with being alone. Then I’m going to feel a need but can’t post it, then such an ‘ Oja! ‘ -Moment to experience: secluded for too long, while connecting with fellow man is a must.

Sometimes people think that because I travel for work a lot, then between many people and would not be much at home.In part, that is true. This job has no fixed working days, I can be a week from home, but I am free for 2 weeks per month. Enough time to be alone, and that is worth me so much, that I have only been doing the same work for almost 15 years.

So ‘ pathetic, only on the couch ‘?No, I don’t know that. What one person would be like loneliness, is for the other right wealth:)

Is on it.

Sometimes I work in a very nice team and it is very cozy during the day so it does not matter that it is very quiet at home, it is just fine. But if I have had a very hard day and I do not want to saddle my child with my problems, I feel lonely.

I hardly ever feel lonely.Less than once a year.

I’m often alone.At work, but especially outside my work, I spend most time alone, without the company of others. I’m used to that. One-to-one contact I can really appreciate, but I rarely look for it. Company of larger groups of people I can appreciate less: the more people, the less I feel comfortable with. I never go to a party or another busy meeting, except if I find that I can’t stay away.

Being alone doesn’t make me lonely.Lonely I only feel when I desire companionship where I do not hear for my feelings. That only happens when that company is in my neighbourhood, and is thus avoided by staying away from the neighbourhood. Spending my time alone with things I like is the best way to think about solitude I can imagine. I can wholeheartedly recommend it to all lonely people.

For contact with others I often use an internet forum, such as Quora.There you exchange things with others without the hopeless confusion that can bring with them. Not that I go all the way out of the physical proximity of others; On the contrary, I am much less shy than before, and I like to hug. But longing for it: No, I have learnt myself on my fourth, and the rest that brought me is fine.

Often.Still in divorce and with the Kids I don’t want a new relationship yet. That means that if I’m sitting somewhere, I can’t share it with anyone, like me. Something fun wants to do is difficult to share.

And MN worries or stress I do not share with the Kids.If the divorce is round I’ll take a dog and/or a. Cat

I have a washing list of psychological problems so I often feel lonely because not many people can understand what it is like to live with it.Often I feel lonely because a dust in me heads says that that is the feeling I should have at that time. So often….

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