How much would you spend at the vet to save your animal? And why this amount?

I cannot mention that, because I do not know.What is paramount to me is what the quality of life of the animal is after the procedure. My dear Black hangover Zizou, we unfortunately had to sleep in last year, while he was not so old yet. But he had cancer, hefty pain, and would not be able to heal. There was no point in having a lot of money to stretch his life, so he would not have enjoyed it. But we miss him though.

It is a bit of what animal it is. My horses have always cost a lot.Hundreds of euros at a time with serious things.

For dogs and cat owners I also always recommend an insurance.Because costs for those animals can rise ridiculously high. And that kind of animals have a high emotional value for people.

But Dinge Kleiner does not go to a veterinarian.

It saves that I can solve many things myself.

That is an ethical dilemma.I am responsible for my pet.

Our dog arrived at about four years of age from an asylum with us

She was a very sweet, faithful and enthusiastic and also beautiful dog.In terms of coat and size a Greens daler, but under that black hair She also had a lot of a sighthound: slim, deep chest, and a very light, dancing pace. She walked as if she was feather light

I was one day deep down in the Ardennes forests when I made out about a slippery stone and a terrible smak on my breech, which allowed me to no longer use my legs.And there was an intense pain through my spine to my head. She stayed with me, I would swear comforting. She put her head on my leg while I was moaning and desperate. It was in time for the smartphones and in any case there was no range. Slowly the feeling in my legs returned and first on my knees and later I could move to a path again.

She also once saved another dog, which she did not even get, from the drowning death.

After ten years with us she got strange bumps and occasionally she dropped by her hind legs and then she walked a few days hard.The vet told her that she wouldn’t really go ahead with interventions. So it went on and off with good and bad days. The week before she had played in the river, but a few days after she was lifeless and without appetite and she didn’t want to get up. She died suddenly at 15 hairy age last year. In that last year we spent about four hundred euros at the vet. But what if it had said that surgery could heal the cancer and made her hip joint functional again?

I really don’t know.She was an old dog, suffering so to notice little pain. With four thousand euros you can offer a child health and training in Africa. That would be my dilemma.

Have I transferred four thousand euros to Africa?No, but over the years I have paid a similar amount of aliens work, Amnesty International and MSF.

There is no quota on it, the welfare of the animal is the most important.And eventually every wallet has a bottom.

So a decision I take only as the momment itself.

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