How much weight have you lost and how did you achieve it?

I have fallen 60 kilos over the last 10 years.

At that time I weighed a little over 155 pounds, and I had spent my whole life with diets, detox, to special clinics for fat people, followed by dietitians, endocrinologist, psychologist and GP.

I had tried everything to fall off, but after a stomach band that was a complete (and very painful) disaster, my body continued to pile up pounds, even though I didn’t ate more than my boyfriend.

It was daunting, and therefore I agreed to undergo the bypass gastric surgery[1 .I had nothing to lose and I wore the weight of an extra person on my back. This had to stop.

In a sense I was not even afraid to die: I felt so bad at that time that I was just….. Weight had to lose.

I died almost during the operation, due to the damage that the gastric band had done in my belly.

But I survived and the first year after the operation I dropped 35 pounds.After that I became pregnant and my weight remained stable for years, also by 2 pregnancies. The first time in my life I didn’t arrive or fell off, not struggling with my body or the way I looked.

Eventually I accepted that this was who I am, that my body was made curvy and that was it.I was healthy, strong and active. While it sounds simple, it is accepting myself as I am one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Through my motherhood and the education of my children as a house mother, I learned how to cook healthily.I went all the way and even changed our backyard in a vegetable garden. I wanted to give the best example and give the best to my children: I knew that children learn by watching, so if you want your kids to come out well, you have to clean up your deed.So I did. I quit sodas…. And I was addicted to soft drinks for decades.

And I went over my dislike of vegetables.I grew them, taught them to cook in the most delicious ways.

This was when I figured out some sort of game:

I was trying to get more and more veggies in my food, while I kept it coherent and nice .

This change in my diet made me more in contact with the needs of my body… I began to feel the need to move.

So I started with a runners beginners group, and with yoga, and with strength training, and finally I even signed up to the local rugby club and I started playing rugby.

In These two years I lost 20 kilos of extra, just fun, healthy eating and a lot of sports because I wanted it.

Then I got a divorce, and with it disappeared another 5 kilos.

I certainly will not be in favour of diets and all sorts of restrictions, because in more than 95% of the cases it does not work.

I’ve tried all these methods for over 20 years, and it just made me thicker and thicker.

It also has nothing to do with willpower.Fat people really struggle with everything and are much more brave than the image that thin people have of them.

My recommendation:

  • Accept yourself as you are
  • Try to become aware of your body ideals: Why do you want a specific body type?

Is your body compatible with this mental image you have?

  • Learn to eat healthily
  • Learn to listen to your needs
  • Separate food from emotions: food is fuel for your body.
  • No reward, no consolation, no punishment.Sometimes this fuel can be delicious and fat and sweet, and it won’t make you obese. Stop all this pressure.

  • Move.
  • Whether it’s walking through a city, dancing all night in a club or cycling, gym or fighting club: just move, because it’s fun, not because it should!

  • Be patient.
  • Miracle Rapid weight loss does not exist, and is not sustainable in the long run.

  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Footnotes

    [1 Gastric Bypass-Wikipedia

    I went from 93 kg to 82kg in half a year.

    I am 182 cm tall and now sits on a BMI of 25.

    Why have I fallen off?

    Overweight limited me in doing things.Low endurance in mountain walking for example.

    How did I fallen off?

    You need to know that less and different food has the most impact.

    Sugar is the biggest culprit!

    Sugar in the spell!So no more snooping. Sugar is everywhere, but in some products it is very much. No more soft drinks. Also no fruit juices, cruesli etc. If there is more than 2% sugar in a product then I don’t eat it.

    Carbohydrates are also sugars.So limit it.

    I’ve lived for weeks on quark with seeds and kernels and bananas.

    In the evening, meal salads and a chicken breast baking.


    Do not sit still with your eyes closed.But cycling, jogging and fitness. I have found that you can also come to yourself with intensive training. And at the same time you let your body work and build you physically.

    To train 1 hour every day: half hour strength and half hour cardio.

    Abdomen, chest and back muscles.So train your torso.

    Your legs suit you with cycling and jogging.


    Stable 82 kg.

    Excellent stamina

    Size 41

    Better combustion and flow

    Hope this gives some inspiration.

    Good luck!!

    10kg (70000kcal) Intermediate fasting

    There is no food type restriction

    • I eat once a day dinner +-1200kcal
    • And Sunday food intake completely skipping

    Getting into this rhythm is the hardest and usually takes 2 weeks afterwards it feels normal with certain benefits that you notice

    • Better condition and more pleasant body feeling
    • Sharper memory and less fatigue

    If this method is consistent, you can show 10kg weight loss in a small 3 months

    I recently dropped 21 pounds with the Cambridge method.At the beginning of July I started and was at my target weight around the end of November. Not quite but I was fed up and wanted to be able to eat other things that you idealize if you are not allowed to. Cambridge works with products, and I still take one or two a day in the process of slowly adding food to your daily diet. Because I like them and because it sticks to me the feeling of diet. If I were to eat a lot of food again, the fallen kilos will be in no time.

    I have fallen 39 kg last year, and I did this by following the Keto diet,

    So much fat, moderate protein, and low in carbohydrates.

    In may I weighed 89kg.Today I weigh 76.8, and still lose weight.

    I only really started during the exams in June.I actually did 18:6 intermittent fasting: went con to the bib, ate no breakfast, ate at 12 a meal, a quad hour and at 18h dinner.So I actually ate for 6 hours, and fixed it for 18 hours. Also, I counted my calories up to 1500, went running almost every night and did abdominal muscle exercises. On 2 July I weighed 82 kilos.

    Then it came to a slower weight loss, which is normal because of course you lose the water weight so it always goes fast in the beginning, but I wanted more.I ate only 500 to 800 calories per day for 2 weeks long.The result: I got thicker! In The mirror I swell up every day. I thought: this is not good.

    I did research on the internet about nutrition and how it actually works.I have found the keto diet AND OMAD .Keto means that your carbohydrates are cut away from your diet and above all eat fats, so your body only has fat as a combustion source. OMAD is 1 meal per day, and for the residual water or black coffee. My body is thankful to me, I feel good, never hungry and just a lot of energy. Also, I save a lot of time and money by OMAD. I also eat 1280 calories a day, or 1500 on days when I’m going to walk. Since I started it 1 month ago, I went from 79 to 77. That’s 2 pounds in a month so it’s healthy weight loss.

    Youtube is full of videos about this, I can recommend Dr. Berg and Thomas DeLauer!The rest do/Choose your self of course;)

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