How much time do you spend every day watching television? What role does the TV play in your life?

I have received a message from Ziggo that they are stopping analogue television in Amsterdam and I have gotten a box so I can watch digital TV on my television.It has been in the box next to my TV for three weeks now. I think I’ll see snow when I turn my TV on…

Well… I have a PC and as a software developer is that which I spent the most time on.Both for work as well as visiting news websites for the news, YouTube for relaxation (e.g. Familyfeud) and I also have a huge DVD collection.

Now I have installed Ziggo Go on a laptop and I can watch TV as well.That laptop is sometimes next to my desktop for distraction, but usually with a DVD movie or a YouTube series.

I’ve considered NetFlix, but I would still feel obliged to watch it regularly, so I’m not watching TV.

The role that TV plays in my life?I wouldn’t miss it, so totally none. I have the Internet…:-)

Almost never.Good or not, I just find it too curtailed and very annoying to have but always follow the images made by others, without any attempt or input from me.

Much prefer having something else busy: reading, writing, researching.Also on Quora, where I am actively involved in English. It stimulates me a lot more.

Little, half an hour to a maximum of one hour a day.Unfortunately I am of modern times. I am on average longer online (2.5 hours a day) than I watch television. Usually I surf some around: Quora and Youtube are fixed spots. I also sign a lot of digital lately (ITT on paper in the past).

No.I do not have a TV connection.

I occasionally watch certain programs, but I do this online, via Netflix or the VrtNU app (for the Flemish TV).Also, of course, there is still Youtube.

Actually, I look on average only half an hour to one hour of television per day.The programs I regularly look at is the news, reports. and documentaries. On Sundays I also often look at celebrations on TV. Rail Away ON The EO I also find a nice program.

As far as the transmitters are concerned, I mainly look at NPO and ZDF nowadays.I miss the old MTV and also TMF. I used to enjoy watching video clips. Okay you have YouTube nowadays, but that’s different. In the past I often looked at Discovery Channel. Nowadays I find the programs not so interesting.

After all, unfortunately I don’t have any French channels on TV, so you can hear less Frans, which I find very unfortunate.

I hope to have answered your question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user)!

Preferably I do not spend some time behind the television.If I want to stay informed of the news, for example, there is always the Internet and the newspaper. So for me personally the TV does not play an important role in my life, but at home with my parents the television is turned on regularly, I usually do not look, but my parents do. So, for those times when I happen to be there, the TV still plays some role in my life, but not otherwise.

I estimate on average about half an hour per day.The number of hours varies though and I look at least on the Saturday and Wednesday, most on Friday or Sunday. I look at the most still travel programs and documentaries and rarely a historical drama series or the news. The Tour series and some documentary series are the only television series that I still watch with some regularity. The documentaries are mostly about worldly subjects that my interest lies in, mostly history, geography, archaeology, Nature, biology, gardening, economics and psychology.

I used to look more television than nowadays and I have the idea that the number of hours decreases rather than increases.I also watch relatively little television on the main channels and quite a few Dutch television. I often find travel programs on Belgian and English television better, mostly I watch these and documentaries on ONE or CANVAS or BBC2.

Television plays increasingly less of a role in my life, nevertheless I can appreciate programs such as Travel Waes, Great Railway Journeys and Monty Don’s Gardens and I would regret if such programs disappear.I think I watch so little television nowadays, because there are fewer such quality programs on television.

Nowadays I try to avoid TV as much as possible.I use the big screen when I want to watch a movie (rarely) or for a game at its time. TV is a passive activity and I want to spend my time more effectively. Once zapping and you are actually wrong working.

Especially nowadays, where reality programs have the absolute upper hand, it has become almost impossible to find real content yet.In the past, Discovery Channel really had interesting programs, but that’s also something of the history.

Every now and then I deliberately look at a series on Netflix or Youtube, but then I look at something with an explicit purpose.From Nostalgia I follow the new Star Trek series. On Youtube different channels, science and actuality, think of Minute Physics, Veritasum, SpaceTime and Last Week Tonight.

So yes, watching television, 0 minutes per day, the role of the TV, just a big screen.Videos in general, between 15 and 45 minutes per day. I’m glad I can spend my time more effectively. An hour on Quora is a lot more stimulative than an hour of a ‘ talent ‘ reality program.

I watch no TV anymore don’t even have a cable connection use me TV only for me PlayStation.In contrast, I do have godgruesome Internet and game by the way. I have eievenly replaced TV for an iPad. But I use it to read a lot of books. If I really want to watch something then I’ll stream it.

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