How much has the culture of Russian criminals influenced society and mainstream culture?

Oh, a good question.So much so that now you can never put that back.

Today in Russia there is the subculture, which borders with culture and affects the life of all people, it is called “A.” in Russian.I try to interpret this term. Sounds like “A. U. Je” – the short form for (roughly speaking) “The prisoner’s decree is unique”. These people imitate the actions of the real criminals. “Wannabe” in English says about when you want to be someone but just imitateite it.

[It’s very hard to tell everything briefly and it takes a lot of new words for criminal lexicon and to be honest, it seems impossible to describe everything and again briefly as if I don’t want to write a whole book here.Nor do I know what to do with it.

I start with 90s.after the fall of the USSR. There was the birth of today’s criminal culture. These criminals were real, I say, they had their criminal acts. People want everything that was forbidden in the USSR. Many start their criminal lives. They had their rules, as in the Bible. And they lived by these rules.

Then came the bright times, not so many had to have criminal lives, many people could have everything legally.But, the criminals have divided into two parts. One part only did something against the state and corrupted people, and the other part could only do their deeds against honest people, they had no rules, but they also wanted to be called “real criminals” and have their own rules.

Real criminals could never do anything about honest people.They only had their own deeds. e.g. a criminal wants to rob a corrupted officer. And he has his friends, who are also criminals, they can do this together. But only one of them goes to jail when the police catch her. Others who remain free help this one who is in prison.

With “A.U.JE” everything works wrong.They only do acts against ordinary people who have no connection with the criminal world. Such as. A criminal who is low and mean, who wants money. Outside, he sees an old lady and robs her of her bag. Then the police catch him and he says the names of all his friends to put them in jail. Then there are many other things between real criminals and these mean in the prison, where real criminals have no connection with these mean ones. But common criminals want this criminal atmosphere and they imitate that they are also real ones. They call their friends out of freedom and say they need the money. The friends go outside, see young people and say, “Well, you, you’re supposed to help my friend in prison and give me the money. You can also go outside yourself and “ask” others of it ahah, like me, just go and give me the money. And then when the police catch you, say in prison that you helped “this friend”. This is how “A.U.Je” works. Young people don’t want to learn, they want to look like “great criminals.” And everyone in this situation suffers.

Only the real criminals have their real “business”, deeds that they do.And younger “wannabes” are older and back in jail and need the money, and that comes out into the open, where young people believe in these fairy tales to become “great criminals” at giving money. Sounds like many religions where people pay to erase all sins.

Today, everything looks as if everyone was suffering from it.Many crimes because someone wants to be “great”. Police is always something of two parts: real and mean.. Same as with criminals. Real criminals hate mean cops and call them “mill”, mean criminals cooperate with common cops and it makes more crimes than these mean criminals call the freedom where free common beginners call new beginners to all these ” Criminal atmosphere” to breathe..

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