How much does meditation bring?

Meditation can get you to come into deep contact with yourself.Everything that surrounds us outside, demands, drives, frightens, influences etc., etc., can lose intensity in a successful meditation, or even disappear completely from our perception. This does not mean not continuing to face the things and challenges of life, but rather, back to one’s own midst, and from this then authentically and strengthened to meet the swings of life. Meditation is actually simple; however, most people initially struggle with the difficulty of not being able to let go of all the many impulses of thought. Concentration (Dharana) should therefore be about allowing thoughts, but releasing them immediately – without scoring (if possible). An inner image of the sea can be beautiful: every wave that washes to the beach is a thought… and every wave returns naturally to the sea… so this image can help us to let go of thoughts, such as the wave, not to engage in a spiral of thought that the thought could trigger… Likewise, there is also an image of the sky with clouds; they, too, simply keep moving on, do not remain rigid at the point of heaven where I first perceived them, and they constantly change their forms… Meditation is not the same as meditation: there are those in which we lie, under a comfortable blanket, warm, soft light, singing bowls or music, especially in the area of heart rate / heart coherence, with closed eyes, getting involved, gradually each Body part to consciously relax… or sitting, observing a candle flame, or in nature, listening to the rhythm of one’s own breath, the sounds of nature, rain, rustling of leaves, birdsong, etc. to listen, a walking meditation in which we perceive every step, move away from everything that (will) hold us… I think the basic requirement is to get involved in this process (contemplation), not to be impatient and frustrated (or to let go of these feelings, to reconcile with themselves) if it doesn’t work out immediately, or even a day is there to get my Meditation does not want to succeed… maybe there’s something else going on? The grass does not grow faster if one draws on it, impatience and overly rigid ideas rather hinder. We do not live on a sacred mountain, are exposed to infinite influences, and have forgotten to be in pure being… What a baby simply does, what then children – sometimes hard-heartedly – is driven out of not dreaming… Breathing and breathing also play a crucial role… in meditation we breathe deeply and completely. However, most people (especially women) breathe paradoxically: when inhaling, the abdomen curves outwards, and when it is exhaled, it pulls inwards. But if the ideal of beauty demands that we do not have a visible belly, unfortunately we pull the belly in during inhalation, which is paradoxical, and can never lead to complete deep breathing. At the same time, many people do not breathe completely. The breath flows from the lowest point, deep in the abdomen, to the highest point of the cervical spine, thus also flowing into the shoulders… If I breathe only up to my deep stomach, I have no contact with my will pole, I do not breathe up to the shoulders, lack contact with my heart. In a breathing meditation we can also breathe into individual parts of the body… Breathe in new energy (Prana) with each breath, and with each exhalation, consumed energy (also voltage) (Apana), let us back from us… In the word breath is also Atma, Sanskrit, means soul… so we come into contact with our soul through breath (psyche, ancient Greek the word for butterfly and soul…). Physiologically, in the meditation on deep breath, we also arrive in our soul / psyche. The brain frequency changes in the successful meditation to a deep alpha state. In everyday life, we usually experience brain frequencies of at least low, to often medium or even higher beta range. Short-term okay, permanently harmful. Experienced meditatives can also meditate in the Theta area without having to sleep. I could write more but I stop now, wish everyone a wonderful meditation:)

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