How much do you give out for your child’s birthday?

My son often has a very normal birthday cake (boring!!).He likes reading so there is always a book or two at it. I buy books by default at the second hand shop, that doesn’t excite him, he eats those books and then I can resell them or give them to someone else. We have a fixed address; A family with two children who have a little less wide, I always ask them first if they want to have something.

Oh well I remember when my son was too big for his bike, which he was very economical with, who had made her son gift for Sinterklaas.She called me in tears (I had my mother bring the bike with them, they don’t live near us) her son loved the bike and she was very happy and asked what I wanted. “How about a nice photo of your son on the bike?” I said then and I got;)

Well back to the gifts-my son makes a list.Usually with 6 or 7 things. He then puts them in order of importance but also knows that this is not a guarantee. That something like 1 state does not mean that he gets that too. Very expensive things he often makes himself a saving goal, which go beyond his list.
We also sometimes know things that he likes to forget.His list is often more indicative of ‘ where is he now in terms of interests ‘. I don’t really have a budget because it is not really necessary to set one, it often remains under 80 euro (Das already very broadly taken). I put money aside in the months before and often buy things for example in the offer. What I keep using for his birthday and his party.

School treats: 40芒 鈧?”50

Cake: 70芒 鈧?”90

Children’s party 150芒 鈧?”200

Gift: Up to 100.

‘, ‘ I have no children, but I would leave it to my hypothetical children to depend on ‘ our ‘ income.

“,” I don’t have a clue about that, and I didn’t have any “policy” for it either.We always cared for an irresponsible unhealthy non-organic much-too-big birthday cake. With treats we stopped at the time: we love baklava and our children also treated them at school. But that was not allowed because there was sugar and fat in it and there were children who were not allowed to have gluten and it could be skewer with cucumber and tomato. But no cheese: much too fat and dead calves. Those hurdles we have gone further but let go…

No penny, because kids I don’t have.

Would I spoil them with their birthday?That though.

But excessive lot of money for a big party OD large, expensive kaddootjes, that will not happen.

An amount I cannot call (Unthat I have no children), unfortunately.

I would give my child useful gifts.But the fact is that I have no children. My only child died.

Gift 50-80 euro

Children’s Party 200-300, depending on activity.

Family Party 100-180 (incl something to eat)

Do not have a child.

That depends on my budget and the wishes of my daughter and every birthday that is different again.Always try to give her something, if only something small or we’re going to do something fun.

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