How much are we united with the universe?

A closer look, all of our recognizable objects, including ourselves, are composed of deeply based objects, such as cells, genes, molecules, atoms, protons, quarks, … and quantums.

But in quantum sit not the end, because quantums are based on pure principles that ultimately only produce effects that can be perceived worldly, that is, by us, within this universe.

This means that everything that can be perceived in this universe, in our world, in our everyday life, is ultimately not matter, is not energy, but everything is based only on principles of the deterministic nature.

If you are interested in this, you can see, for example, how this world has arisen completely from relatively few principles, called constants,and the Natural Logical Principles of Action, including all matter, all energies and of course, all that is commonly referred to as life (which is also something different from what you generally think).

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The deterministically constant principles:

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The question was:

How much are we united with the universe?

To answer the question, it is important to recognize what we are based on, what we and the world have emerged from.

The quantum plane consists of quantums, whereby each individual object is indistinguishable from any other quant (which is also the reason for the infinity of this plane).

Objects that are indistinguishable from each other do not form a world as we know them from everyday life, because our recognizable world differs from the quantum world by properties assigned to each object.

For example, an object can have a color, a spin, an energy, a velocity, a temperature, and so on.

An observer, however, assigns by his own existence only to a quant, by energetic, more precisely: constant exchange, a property that is first generated or/and transmitted by the observation process itself.

An unobserved quant has no properties, which is why:

All objects of this universe receive their properties only through their observation by ourselves.

This does not mean that if we come very close to a quant with a gold needle, it will become gold.

But it does mean that what we trigger with observation ultimately reflects only what we have used as an observational measuring instrument as a result.

If we measure the temperature of a quantum object, we get temperature as a result.

If we measure the mass of an object, we get as a result a statement about the mass of the object, which reads trivial and simple.

In the quantum world, however, this means something completely different:

The observer cannot know what the quantum object really is, but can only try to do something, i.e. only a tiny section, based on this property selected by the observer himself, on the basis of the observer himself, about what the Quantum really is.

Thus, the observer receives an answer only according to the question/property to the quant, by this property generating a retroaction on the quant or not.

So, if you look at this empirically, he can NEVER know what the quantum is now, even though ALL objects of the universe are based only on quantums.

The universe, and thus all its individual objects, such as suns, atoms and human beings, is therefore based on a foundation which cannot be grasped in concrete terms and has no characteristics, except the ability to simply be there, which leads the observer to derived from existence, even if it cannot be defined (entitarian objects of existence).

In addition, this kind of existence is also in logical interaction with the observer, otherwise he would not be able to observe it.


If this situation has been recognized, then there are fundamental consequences for our relationship to the universe, and especially to our origin described above.

If EVERY individual arises from the fact that only by previously existing properties the same thing emerges again and again from an indefinable primal principle (quantum world), then every object, each individual is always an absolute unique, which ALWAYS and exclusively forms its own universe by regenerating itself again and again on the basis of the previous one, since the observer constellation can only provide as a result what is used as a measurement/interaction property.

Since this is very difficult to understand in terms of content, and also a basic knowledge in quantum physics is presupposed in this text, I will shorten to the consequences of this presentation:


We are NOT united with the universe, but we are the universe, and that is, each object in itself, since each object can emerge only for itself from this property-free primal substrate, called a very simplified quantum world.

Consequently, only something can emerge from this quantum world that reproduces itself each time through its own interaction properties, which leads to the fact that each object can only emerge from a sequence of previous objects, since only such properties can arise again, which can be regenerated from the interaction with the quantum world itself (see also karma, eternal life, rebirth, etc.).

This, too, is completely consistent with the sequence of all the becoming and passing of everything that is observable, regardless of whether so-called birth with the so-called so-called so-called birth.Life and death, or simply with the thermodynamics that shows a passing of a universe that began with a beginning.


Alternating MORE properties with the quantum world (for example, in cell associations), new variants arise again and again as a result, which forms the basis of evolution, and also corresponds to the variable recombination of parent genes.

Individuals are fundamentally different from each other, NO object of the universe is like another, which is to be seen as further proof that every individual, every living being, every being, every stone, an independent object, i.e. actually forms its own universe.

Universes only encounter each other by the same properties, because only compatible same properties allow encounters.

If there are no equal properties, such universes do not exist for each other, as no interaction can take place.


Ron Heide’s answer to What is an observer in quantum physics?


Since the principle of Compatible Interaction s a UNIVERSAL principle of the quantum world, this principle also continues in the processes of the macro world, i.e. in our everyday world.

One sees oneself as beings among one another best if the individual characteristics are compatible, i.e. the possibilities of perception are the same, and thus a more comprehensive interaction by exchange of feelings (emotion programs), words, materials, etc.comes to pass.

Evolutionary selection is based precisely on this principle, as survivability grows by cumulating only compatible properties.Any cumulation of uncompatible properties would lead to a much greater inconsistency of properties with corresponding internal decision-making conflicts, which reduces the possibility of survival.

This is precisely why people are primarily looking for compatible partners for the generation of offspring, because only these enable sufficient offspring success.


Since all objects and individuals have emerged from the quantum world, their existence is given exclusively by their quantum-worldly primal substrate from which they have emerged.

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Consequently, every secular individual possesses his actual existence exclusively from the quantum world from which it emerged.

As a result, worldly objects, such as matter, energies, possessions, no basis for a worldly being, since every being of the world has its livelihood only in its own quantum structure.

This circumstance was originally recognized in many philosophies, e.g. in some religious ideologies, which is what is e.g. in Christianity, etc.was deeply rooted, but unfortunately often forgotten, which is why, after a few centuries, ideological or church reforms had to take place again and again, because the secular possession and matter-of-life attachment prevailed, which is why Luther admonished the pomp of the cats and set in motion a newer form of charity and innfulness, evangelism.

Marx, too, saw this necessity, and tried to unite the worldly necessities for material survival with a form free of possession, the so-called socialism and communism, whereby socialism still survived in its beginnings, even if it was Neoliberalimus has now been ousted, which will soon require significant corrections.


This text is certainly very difficult to understand, because the physical-logical conditions of the quantum world dominate the interactions between the objects and the beings of everyday life, and of course also the interactions of everyday life with the Quantum world.

But perhaps something has become clear that we are all emerging from the quantum world, and in fact and in real terms, that is exactly why they are unique, and precisely considered, NOT from this world, and that we can therefore only meet by chance, which is also very clear in everyday life. Shows.


And as a reward for such considerations, we can invoke that our so-called life is not fulfilled by accumulation of possessions, but by passing on property to descendants, which are the natural product of all the laws of the quantum world, and we therefore do not have to comply with any attachments to material possessions in order to have a fulfilled life.

It is enough to deal with what is necessary for a life of resources.

Moreover, any waste of time in superfluous possession, consumption, or egomaniacal self-expression is an obstacle to the fulfillment of the world.


(Since our de-itatarian basic world is hardly conscious in people’s thinking today, it made sense to use the more widespread and modern term quantum world for this world, even if this is not entirely true in terms of content, but some content make it more comprehensible.)


Keep in mind that an observer can only be an individual at a time.

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