How many people could the Earth handle before it gets too much?

How many people can be there in a property of 50 square meters.With bunk beds, and each bed two people, 50 people should succeed anyway. Space.

How many people is desirable in a home of 50 square meters?One hundred years ago a working family with six children could live there. That seems to be a real maximum. Two to three people can do well.

Say every person needs at least 12 square feet, in the home.

The world is a complex ecosystem.Evolution is evolving towards ever greater complexity and greater types of wealth. All life forms depend on each other. Man seems to be a scourge in the whole, an exotic that does not belong here. It is not that man gets more space when he eradicates the great mammals, no, he threatens his own survival. We know that we are now experiencing an ecological disaster, which we ourselves cause. The large population pressure is the main culprit. The last century the human population has quadrupled.

World Population-Wikipedia

I estimate that a population under two billion can be sustainable, under one billion optimal.

If we were to cover the whole Earth with solar collectors and hydroponic gardens, perhaps something as radical as 100 billion people.

Many people find it too full now.

Probably the Huns also found it too full, when other peoples also wanted to live in the Netherlands.

Becoming fuller means that you have to adapt.That does not mean everyone.

In the past, there will be no point in becoming a farmer instead of hunter/collector.

Now we have no desire to leave flesh.

In the future, one might not want to eat products made from yeast or insects.

This resistance will be relatively short-lived.Either you adjust, or you will be pushed out by groups that do adapt.

How many people it exactly will depend very much on the state of the art.When you move food and energy production to space, many more people will fit on the earth.

Eventually, the total heat production of people and machines will be a difficult problem and people will have to live somewhere else if the population continues to grow.

I think that will take a long time. In most countries, the largest population growth is the ageing of the population.With increasing prosperity in many countries, many people choose fewer children.

If rationally treated with means of production, there is no problem to supply the growing world population with food.Not even if it is ten or twenty times as much.

So you only have to mountain;-)

Much it is already.

Too much requires a norm: What is a lot about in too much and why?

Based on environment?Food? Fuel? Politics? And who determines that on the basis of Which? You would almost lose weight from your unbelief (Freek de Jonge).

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