How many kilometres per day do you think you should run?

How many kilometres per day do you think you should run?

Unfortunately, I am not a sports physician (my university clinic offered it optionally, but at that time I still wanted to become a urologist, to become an orthopedist (I therefore also passed the orthopaedics exam just like that), later it would have been so well suited, almost all German orthopaedics, the I know, also have the additional designation “sports medicine”.In addition, I am extremely unsportsmanlike, the only sporty thing about me is my vintage sports-car – even if the colleague from Lotzebuerg, who wrote about me during the last hospital visit during the admission examination: “Age untypical, quite muscular physique”:

However, on the contrary to Mr Roski ( REQVIESCE IN PACE) I actually have roughly the size and stature of No. Marion R. Morrison (REQVIESCE IN PACE QVOQVE ), better known than?

But so out of the belly:

Instead of talking to a colleague, you go to him, even my last chief doctor did so If he wanted to know something, he didn’t let you dance to the rapport, he then came by himself.Sometimes he even just strolled through his clinic (yes, it was his clinic, because together with my future predecessor as chief medical officer he had them built entirely according to his ideas) and chatted with patients.I think he felt too old to have surgery himself, he sometimes assisted me with arthroscopic shoulder surgery. I was also partially discontinued because of my shoulder surgery, apparently there are too few certified shoulder surgeons in Germany.

And other things: car, bike or walking?Stairs instead of escalator or lift? Gang instead of treadmill? And there is certainly much more to be done on foot. I also always watched to live on foot to the hospital. My old British sports car

it did only once in 21 years, but

first, even if it only happened once, when the engine strikes on a highway without side strips, that is not really nice, even if the kitten at least rolled until the end of a long driveway, a place where every car is actually already on the should be piste.

Strangely enough, the car mechanic from TCS found (you still know the German ADAC? The TCS, Touring Club Switzerland

is the Swiss equivalent of the ADAC) and suddenly it could be started again.

But since then I doubt its reliability, even if in 1965 the same cars unexpectedly won the double victory of the 24 Heures du Mans and that is a reliability race!

Secondly, I want to spare it, I got it from the first owner with a re-enactable 15000 km on the speedometer at 28 years of existence, now it is after almost 49 years “lifetime” (yes, sometimes you really get the feeling that the “Miezek盲tzchen from Coventry” would be ” actually live 😉 ) just under 70000 km.

But to get back to the topic – old, English, open cars with only an emergency roof are rather rare in BC – there is the saying in Germany: “Every gear makes slim!” And the German Michel is really right …

Please greet the Pacific from me and tell him I will be back!

Regards, Steffen Ganzmann M.D.

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