How many days should I go to the gym per week?

How many days should I go to the gym per week?

If I said “4” now, would you be satisfied with the answer?

Of course not.So let’s start at the front, as always.

Once is better than not even.

If you go to the gym once a week, you do more than the one who stays at home.If I train with a smaller weight but with a high number of repetitions, I would improve the cell situation. The bottom line is that this won’t bring much, but not only the cells, but also joints, tendons and ligaments will be strengthened and strengthened in this way. And it’s better than nothing.

If you give yourself a heavy whole body workout twice a week, you can manage to have a muscle soreness from one workout to the next with appropriate concentration during training at least initially.

Because that’s all it’s all about.Destroy the muscle to explain to it that it is too small. If you only go to the gym to distribute the grease on the poles, you can also stay at home.

However, I would recommend a heavy whole body workout 3 times a week for the beginning.The sore muscles then already provides for the distribution. Some muscles ache in such a way that you can hardly use them, others do something again.

Above all, it is important that you also get through the training.In many cases you see people who come to the gym highly motivated, have never done sports before and suddenly exercise 6 times a week, which the body tells them after 1 week, because they don’t get their arms bent anymore, then they reduce the weight , and it is running slowly, the performances are increasing, the first changes become visible and then suddenly they only come 5 times a week, then last week was this or that occasion, then it is only 4 times. Then 3 times…. Then they don’t come a week, get a bad conscience, and are there again 6 times, then again because of muscle soreness 6 days break and so on and so on.

That’s going to happen for four months, then at some point they’ll be gone.

How many days should I go to the gym per week?Yes, there should be a lot that definitely works long-term and fits with your goals.

So you have to define a goal first.How do you do that?

“I want to lose some weight.”

‘I want my butt to be tighter.

“I don’t want to get out of the breath any time soon.”

None of these goals.All big crap. why? Because success is uncontrollable.

You change your diet and go to the center for a week, you lose 2Kg in the first few weeks, of which 30gr is fat, the rest is water.You have lost weight! Goal achieved?

“I want to take 10kg off.”

“I want the butt to tighten by 5cm.”

“I want to walk 3km in 20 minutes on the treadmill.”

These are goals you can pursue.Where to check if a goal has been reached.

It is also important to set realistic goals.Nobody tells you that you cannot set yourself a new goal after you achieve a goal. But putting unnecessarily pressure on yourself right at the beginning with unrealistic goals has not helped anyone, because in the end it should also be fun and not end in frustration.

1Kg fat contains about 7,000Kcal.So if you live in a calorie deficit of 1,000Kcal per day, you can realistically lose 1 kg of fat a week. And ideally, it works. But this ideal case often does not occur at all. Then goals are not achieved, frustration arises, you get a bad mood, you want to reward yourself, then it does ping on the stove. How does the pizza come in?

That is not what we want!We set more realistic goals and say if I lose 1kg a month for 1 year and I know I have to persevere because there are plateaus when losing weight and only the perpendicant have the edge. Then I can probably reach or even surpass the goal well.

So define goals clearly and verifiably.So this is always something that can be measured, in kg, in cm, in time…..

Let it go quietly, you still have the rest of your life time.Because your will should be to do sport! The desired figure, or the better health result, is the consequence of this. The gift at the end. If you go to the gym to have more muscles, but don’t really want to exercise at all, it won’t go far. The focus is on every single movement.

Then you have to incorporate the sport, which takes time, into everyday life.In other words, how can I change my everyday life so far that the sport gets a permanent place in it? What kind of work can I possibly do during the sport? On the bike, you can do a lot of things by the way.

And you have to grope yourself about the amount of sport that is possible.In general, more is considered is better than less, but once is better than nothing. Especially at the beginning some will have such a muscle soreness that they can not get the shoes. So 1 time in the first week, maybe 2 times in the second week. Whoever delivers a nice workout 3 times a week will maintain his fitness in the long term. That won’t be enough if you want to go to the stages of this world, but to stay healthy and cheerful, you’re already very far ahead.

Good luck

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