How long will it take for a world dictatorship to come?

….you didn’t think of a lighter question?:-)

So when do we have the ruler of all worlds?Well, I would say that such a dictatorship begins – now one of my favourite sayings is coming – on the day when the full and new moons coincide with Easter Monday.

I would like to spin a little: the ruler of Utopia, the almighty self-proclaimed Count of Coke, goes to the UN and blackmails all the member states from San Marino to Russia, to give him more or less kind command of the respective territory. otherwise the country’s infrastructure would be crippled by hacking….. As I said, I’m spinning totally… 😀

Well, the ladies and gentlemen spies of various secret services such as the CIA, Mossad, KGB (hoppla, there is no longer any more), MI5, BND and as they are all called, they will tell the President sbefore beforehand that in utopias some body of Coke thinks he can mark the great man. .Provisions would definitely be made and perhaps even the one or other military exercise – which, of course, only serves as a warning – would take place on his doorstep. But in my scenario, this measure does not work.

Count Koks actually manages (that’s the only thing I think is conceivable) to create a complete blackout in the USA.The supreme commander of the U.S. forces, who happens to be “the president of the United States,” will then send one or the other bullet to Utopia.

Of course, Count Koks accepts the mild smile and thinks to himself: “Ha, I am the ruler of the worlds”.I will say straight away: “That was the good man who from time to time celebrates a small party with Father Frost in his Moscow Nobel accommodation…”

There would be “diplomatic entanglements”, but then – see Iraq – “alternative facts” are easily introduced, because Count Coke has always been so.

Alternative a) Everyone cheers approvingly….what do you mean, how quickly the country is overrun (Iraq in both Gulf wars) and Count Coke is deprived of his life by foreign hand.

Alternative b) Oh woe, oh grey: The evil aggressor is not Count Coke, but the lord in the Old Washington building.To put an end to the funny spelling: then sooner or later the “insurance of mutual complete destruction” would take hold and zigzag, no human sound would be heard in the nuclear desert.

The fairy tale short sense: Never will the whole world belong to any megalomaniac “over-dictator”.Fortunately, humanity is – too differently “cultivated” to listen to a “Count of Coke”.

It’s a doofe story, but I hope you don’t rate it negatively.:-)

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