How long does it take until you are an official lawyer in the Netherlands? How much time should you estimate for this procedure?

Top question!

There is no fixed time in the sense that the course until the sworn attorney follows a curriculum similar to courses prior to “bar exams” as you see it abroad.See: Bar Examination-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and so it can go very fast.

In other words: If you make a request to the local bar association to be admitted to the tableau and to be sworn in to the court, AND This is honored then you may in principle at the first available moment.I made my request in mid-November 2008 and was sworn in on 9 January 2009. From the moment of sworn money you are officially as a lawyer.

So eh… Two to three months?

Unfortunately, in addition to your BUL, you need some thingies to qualify for admission and sworn and that costs the most important time.A formal criterion is a statement of conduct (VOG). A more informal criterion is the pass-through of a proposal round. The Dean, a local dean, the chief prosecutor, the President of the young bar were all persons to which I was allowed to show my face. This given is still fixed jab.

To be sworn in as a lawyer for the first time, you must have found a place as a lawyer at a law firm.Then one of the lawyers will act as a pattern for you during the three-year internship. The certificate of vocational training must be obtained within three years of sworn in. During the internship you follow that vocational training and it is usually paid by the office (not necessarily!). Anyway, you are already a lawyer.

Important yet to know is that the place you need to find should not be a service at a regular law firm and the office can be your own office (trainee entrepreneur), for example.This will be subject to special (strict) requirements. Remains that there is more than sufficient supervision and support.

Ehm, does this all have practical implications?

Well, usually when you find a job at a law firm you will want to be sworn in as soon as possible and want to move on to the training even quicker.Sworn to everyone is Nachi because then you can profile you as a lawyer. In rapid flow, the parties are also benefiting because three years after sworn in, vocational training must be completed. For the trainee, it gives more space to the latest recontals; For the employer less wage costs. You see, therefore, that contracts of employment in terms of maturity are adjusted accordingly.

There are offices where you first have a (sometimes somewhat longer) period working as a legal employee.This also gives those offices the opportunity to see what kind of meat they have ID tub.

The training starts at two times a year and this creates an increase in sworn and therefore also in employment just before that start.

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