How is/was your experience with reptiles as pets?

We have since a time reptiles as pets.To be precise an eyelash gecko, three Leopard Gecko’s, a bearded name and three snakes and they are surprisingly fun as a pet. For years my son wanted a reptile as a pet (he’s a dire dino-fan). I found them very interesting but always had the idea that very specialised knowledge was needed for this. When he was nine and our last fish had died, I was still tack by saying that a terrarium could be found in front of the aquarium if we could find an animal that we could keep in a responsible manner. Hence the search started on the internet, at reptile shops, books and eventually a large exhibition in Houten. A world suddenly opened to me. The supply of animals that are good to keep as beginners is pretty big. However, I had conditions where the most important thing was that we should also be able to offer the animal a good life, it had to be a little tame and I didn’t wish to feed any live rats or mice and had to take care in our busy existence. So it started with an eyelash gecko. A super cute little creature that gets pretty tame. Every night he sits in front of the window waiting for his food and then crawls your sleeve. We do not really walk around because he likes to jump all sides and is quite fragile but that was already very special. After a while there was also a bearded name. A big size bigger but still much tammer. With him we regularly sit on the couch where the backrest is in the sun. After a while, we began to get more and more in snakes, and when we heard that they eat very well frozen mice and rats, that threshold was already gone. Our first King Python was so nice and friendly that it soon became three. They are in so many colors and patterns and I find them utterly beautiful and as pets you can hardly find a tame beast than these snakes. Myself my guinea pig used to be less quiet when I picked it up. They are also very quickly accustomed to you and my son is absolutely fond of his own snake. In the end, we have a few leopard gekkos for a few months now and even if they are still getting used to it, they will come to you at night if you are going to give food. More is not going to be because there we do not have enough time and space for it, but I am glad that I have gone tack and have these animals. Reptiles are simply very beautiful, very fascinating and if you look for what fits within your life and what care they need, they can be super fun and instructive. However, it starts with a very good preparation and especially a lot of information and questions and attention what kind you take. After all, you don’t want the cute little snake to turn out to be 4 meters, that nice gecko turns out to be a huge biter (like a tokeh, for example) that nice lizard needs a terrarium of three meters long and has claws where you Regularly at the first aid post and also think about where can I buy the food, where is a reptile doctor nearby and who can take care of him when I am on holiday, and how Old is my beast (a King Python can be 40 years) this kind of thing does ask Ech t more preparation than with a dog, cat or hamster. But if you do it right many types are really super nice pets. We are very happy with them and if I had known how much fun they were then I had them for 10 years before.

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