How is it to live as a woman in the Netherlands?

Is on it.When I came to the Netherlands years ago as a 20-year-old student and saw all those women who walked comfortably and casually, often beside (younger) men who clearly looked a lot more nurer and tighter, I thought of wow, what is it like to be a woman In the Netherlands. Now 20 years later after working in several Dutch organisations, I am somewhat more sceptical.

  • If you work as a woman more than 36 or even 32 hours a week, you will still be skewed.

If you are a single mother and can’t do anything else, you will get sincere pity, but you are asked if it really really is the only option. And if you have two incomes and work fulltime, you will soon be a bad mother.

  • There is no solidarity between women.
  • I’m 100% for more women in high management, but I’m very secretly happy when I have male manager. If my child is suddenly sick, I may be right home from a male manager. Because his wife would have done that too. A female supervisor (usually with a full set of retired Opa芒 鈧劉 s and Oma芒 鈧劉 s) would ask why THEY never have to spontaneously take free.

  • The Dutch think it is good with women’s rights in the Netherlands, you cannot complain.
  • So when you speak to a Dutch man on sexually-tinted sexist behavior, as a colleague or HR, you are often not taken seriously.

  • If the cooperation between female manager with a Turkish/Moroccan colleague does not run well, it is assumed that it has to do with his background.
  • If it concerns a Dutch man, she is not strong enough in her shoes or she is a bitch.

  • After having worked for a divorce desk with a pension insurer for a few years, I can conclude that an average woman wants nothing from her ex, she wants to rest and glad that it is behind the back and she wants to continue her life.
  • An average man is 芒 鈧?艙kaalgereaps by that witch of an ex芒 鈧?

  • In order to appoint something positive, I do believe that in the relational sphere it seems to be going well.
  • Most men I know are doing their best to be good partner and father. There are few places in the world where you get more freedom and respect than in the Netherlands.Overall so fine.

    However, irritations are that many men and some women still do not want to believe the extent of sexual violence.And even though a lot of him do condemn rapes, but as soon as a victim dares to come forward with his/her story, it is a lie-like cunning man who just want to ruin a life of an innocent and that they should only declare and have to condemn the rapist. While research has shown that police officers discourage real victims (see e.g. Police cannot distinguish false rape declarations from real estate)

    And the probability of conviction (this no style article has links to the report: no style: Shocking: Rape hardly leads to punishment.

    But so, irritations.Just as with many things, it can be better, but most countries are worse at it. Room for improvement, so, but overall so fine. There are few things in which I feel limited as a woman. Unfortunately there are still not really sports careers, they are usually side-jobs, if you already deserve. (even W眉st has to beg as a plural Olympic champion for sponsors).

    I was born and raised in the Netherlands, and there is not really a characteristic social difference in gender.

    In other places around the world, as in America, women suffer from sexism

    But something like that I never noticed.

    So my answer: it’s nice to live as a woman in the Netherlands.You have the right to vote, be able to work and be seen as a real citizen!

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