How is it possible to stay motivated every day and strive for your goals?

Feeling motivated is one of the hardest things you can do.Because if it was very easy, everyone would be making tremendous progress and achieving its goals.

What I did experience is that you only need a little motivation when it comes to things you really like to do.

That Is why the very first step is to lead a more motivated life: Find what you really like to do in your life.

When you have determined what really fascinates you and gives you energy, you can apply the following 7 things that give you energy to start your day.


Hang up your unsubscribed goals where you see them in the morning

Continually remind your brain of what you want from life.Write it down, because so you make a thought and a dream suddenly something tangible and clearly visible.

2.Focus on what you need to do that day

In the morning there are so many to do’s that you can feel overwhelmed.And certainly for your greater purpose.

So be aware that the things you do today also have an impact on the longer term.

Divide your goal into smaller chunks and start doing so.

3.Do exercise even before you start your day

Research has proven that regularly moving dopamine is released.That is the same chemical as when you experience a feeling of happiness. Say the ‘ good feeling ‘ pill that our body creates.

Morning sports thus increases your feeling of happiness and your fitness and health.

4.Apply focus to perform your tasks

Social media, the Internet and our smartphones are continually bombarding us with information incentives that can absorb our time and willpower.

Therefore, set priorities for yourself to focus on what you need to do first.Set your mobile phone to quiet mode, and close or block websites that distract you.

5.Take a regular break

For every half hour of concentrated work you earn a few minutes break.

For example, you can set a timer for 20 or 25 minutes of uninterrupted and pure Productivitime.And spend the remaining 5 to 10 minutes to relax with a coffee or a tour around the district.

You will find that this way you get more work done in a few hours than on a whole day not working focused.

6.Keep Developing yourself

For years, staying in your comfort zone (link to article on my blog) makes you lose satisfaction in the long term.Therefore, develop the drive to improve your situation.

When you have reached your goals, set new ones to bring you to the next level in your life.

Learning a new skill is perhaps the best way to increase your value in the job market.See how you can bring more value to others (customers, colleagues, employer, family, friends). When you are more focused on giving than on receiving, you will experience even more satisfaction in your life.

7.Focus on balance in your life

When you spend your time and energy on one thing, you risk to identify yourself with it altogether.And you have nothing else to get satisfaction from.

What if that one suddenly falls away?So make sure you have other things in your life.

It is not a good idea to focus solely on your work.What can you do to relax and make fun? Some of our most creative ideas come from doing things that have nothing to do with the work.

Bonustip: Don’t take life too seriously

Sometimes we may forget that life is temporary. Therefore, take the time to appreciate the time you have.

That may not always be.Sometimes you have to admit that it fails, and then take some gas back. Give yourself some peace. Then you can get back to it.

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