How is it possible to have a good memory and also always lose things? My husband is so smart and sharp but always loses his wallet, keys, work badge, glasses, etc. How is this even possible?

Of course that is possible.I built a super sharp memory with whole memory palaces in it. However, my keys are next to the stairs.
Das a very different eh world?

That you can store data in your brain does not mean that you also save tangible objects from another dimension (real world) directly.This is a completely different mechanism!

Anyway it’s not even about remembering where it lies, he loses things.That is to say, he had them with him, but then let them lie somewhere.
Your husband lives mainly in his head it seems (or at least has the focus somewhere else on it), nothing wrong with it and you can perfectly guard against it if you want.

If I don’t leave things where they hear, they have disappeared without trace.So I’ve programmed myself. Keys in the cat (weird statue where you can put things in)-watch and ring in the KITCHENLA. There I walk along in the morning and then I think oh yeah I need that.

Your husband could do this too.Consciously working with it is easiest. Fixed set up and if he loses it on his work he may have to ask himself how annoying he actually finds it-this can be a good motivation. How much time he’s always lost searching for his stuff.

Crucial.If you are the only one who bothers you (I can imagine that this behavior is what someone is annoyed with), I would leave it to good. Anyone else against his will in programming is impossible unless you want to go about kidnapping and all sorts of torture techniques. That does not seem desirable to me.

If he wants to change himself, he will have to build a new structure for himself.Of course you can help with that. Mind you, it must be its structure, otherwise it does not strike:)

This is the well-known phenomenon of the “scattered Professor”.Often intelligent people are very active in their minds and have little attention for the daily thingies, because they are deeply in their minds.
That is very normal and indeed often a sign of intelligence.
A disorder, it is if it is ADD or attention deficit disorder without hyperactivity.Here the focus is strongly in the foreground and the person is not well able to distribute the attention on different things. “De Dagdromer”. Attention Deficit Disorder-Wikipedia
In The rule these people often get into trouble during their training and the diagnosis (nowadays) is asked early (school age).

Not stupid, or oblivious, just scattered!

I’m not surprised here.

Cleverness and sharpness has to do with attention, with focus.Your husband will not pay much attention to putting away his key, work badge goggles, etc. He does not save this.

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