How is it possible for subatomic particles to emerge spontaneously?

Crazy enough appears in larger vacuum than in the universe that matter arises spontaneously.That vacuum is pulled at TNO Delft. The phenomenon has been observed repeatedly.

That vacuum must be a millionth of that in the universe.The explanation for this is far-away. I suspect that it is spontaneous Boson-Fermion exchange. Bosons are the quanta that make forces and fermions tawer the matter, Ruweigh said.

I have made a proposal twice, including the offer of a PhD student and specialist in the Qauntum mechanics

10.15680/IJIRSET. 2018.0702107 in Google, click the first item with [PDF

To find out the explanation of this, but I have not heard anything yet.
Withdrawing money is IDD.Luxury, because there are real problems for our society.

P.S. In 1991, an impressive article on arithmetic of exchange between bosons and Fermionen was published by Kroode (now Shell) and colleague:

Bosonic and Fermionic realizations of the affine algebra $ \\WIDEHAT{\\RM GL} _n $

Atomic processes are described by the laws of quantum mechanics.These laws were discovered in the last 130 years by observing physical processes on an atomic scale. All the laws of nature that we know from our daily lives are proving to be an extra twist on an atomic scale. In Our daily life it is impossible that something can be at once at the same time, on an atomic scale this was possibly discovered. In our daily life, it is impossible to have two opposing properties (e.g. at the same time as 10km/h and 100km/h with a car on the road), on an atomic scale it turns out to be possible. In Our daily life it is impossible for half an hour to have a mass of 1000 kilos, so a type of processes are discovered on an atomic scale.

The atomic world behaves very bizarre, fleeting and according to statistical laws that are very strange to us in everyday life.To describe what happened in an atom you have to take into account all the strange things that can happen in atoms including particles are two places at the same time, particles fly multiple speeds simultaneously, and particles that are for a very May arise for a short time.

Why this is so.. However, natural science must remain guilty of that answer.Our universe unfortunately works that way. No one knows why atoms work so and not in a simpler way. Just as apples fall from trees, atomic processes will continue to behave so strangely whatever natural laws you make. The task of physics is to grasp these facts in formulas and to describe how physics behaves. Newton has given us the laws that describe how apples fall from the trees. That’s because of gravity, Newton said. Do we now know why in the universe something like gravity should be? No, but with this gravity we can calculate how bridges need to be built, the Earth rotates around the sun and a probe can be sent to Mars. Just as for the atomic processes. Those subatomic particles arise from virtual interactions described in quantum electrodynamics. Do we now know why in the universe there should be something like quantum electrodynamics? No, but these laws do know how televisions, computers, and many applications work.

With quantum electrodynamics you can calculate which virtual particles can emerge and in what flavours.

It is, in my opinion, a natural consequence of a combination of the uncertainty principle of Heisenberg, and Einsteins well-known formula E = MC2.

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle implies that a particle can never be determined at the same time the exact place and exact speed.That’s quite logical, just imagine; To measure the exact speed of a car (e.g.), you need the time difference between two different location provisions. And to be able to determine the exact location of that car, it should preferably not move too fast.

This means that the more exact the positioning is, the greater the uncertainty of the speed.Just as you get a razor-sharp picture on a race car with an extremely short shutter speed, but no difference can be seen between a moving or a stationary car.

For particles, speed is equal to energy.That means that every single-dimensional space in the universe (an infinitely precise positioning) actually houses an infinite energy potential. And energy and mass are equal according to the formula E = MC2. At random times, that potential energy exceeds a certain limit, so that at that moment a particle and an anti-particle are formed, which once again swallowed up.

Perhaps it is conceivable as a vibrating water surface, from which sometimes droplets spring.

I have not studied it, but I have once explained it.

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