How is it like 40-there you leave friends and from the Randstad to eg. Gelderland to relocate?

I do not know the answer to this question, but my answer.

I grew up in Gelderland, on the Veluwe, and moved to the Randstad when I was 21.

When I was 25, I wanted the Netherlands to live more in nature.But I lived, worked and studied in Utrecht, so I left that.

When I was 50, that deep desire still lived in me.Then I moved with wife and daughter to southern Germany. A few years later, I live only in southern France, and they come to visit very sometimes.

These were steps where some people in my area were puzzled about, or still are?Why did you leave your friends in the Netherlands? Why did you leave your wife and daughter behind?

But your question is better: How is it to do that?

Well, it’s very fulfilling to be able to do something you want to do for a long time.Of course, it “costs” you something: certain contacts and friendships immediately dilute. However, there are other experiences in return. For example, it is now very nice to get “old” friends to visit. There is one, which then simply steps into his car, an old BMW, kicks on the accelerator pedal and comes up and gets up for one night.

I also experience the contacts with people who have a very different background, namely the German and now the French, as very enriching for me.New friendships, new forms of contact and loving, meaningful relationships arise.

I have learned-just by leaving the comfort zone-a lot about myself and life.Sometimes I was worried about how something would expire so I couldn’t even sleep. And I also learned to live with that.

This way of life turns out to be mine.It has also brought me to what I am doing now: coaching people who want to step out of their comfort zone. Or people who feel lonely, after a divorce, return to a life path that suits them. Because that is just as something: suddenly everything that you were so attached to disappears, and you have to start again-seems to be-. I will help them with that.

Not to be forgotten: Today I can eat cherries from the abandoned orchard just down the road.I didn’t have that in Utrecht…

I was born in Rotterdam, and I lived until my 28th in Rotterdam and Schiedam.From my 22nd to my 28th I lived with my then friend together in Rotterdam-Zuid.

During my work I was introduced to Wang, an incredibly fun computer company in Culemborg.I went to apply for it and was immediately adopted (although I had blue hair then). But because I didn’t have a driver’s license (just never took lessons), it meant quite a world trip. My relationship was no longer you that, so I just decided to take all my stress points at once: other job, moving, away from friend.

At that time it was not only very easy to get to work, even with the (rented) houses it went fine.Within a few times I lived in Culemborg, and I became acquainted with the traditional Culemborgse habits: (1) Drop your car on the corner of a street and then go ahead with someone, and (2) know more about your neighbors (thinking too) than those neighbors themselves. But I have an important motto: Where I am, I am at home, so oh well…

I remember walking down the street on the way to the grocery store, and thought, “but when does that depression come?” Because of z贸many stress points suddenly you can collapse.

The depression stayed away because I had no stress at all.On the contrary: I had advanced on all fronts. And ‘ Leave friends ‘? In such a tiny country as the Netherlands? Do not drive trains, then? And in addition: at Wang they had lease cars. So within a few months I had my driver’s license. At one time. I don’t get them to Culemborg anymore.

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