How high is your IQ?

So I always do ONLINE IQ tests.The results are often quite different. Often the questions are so scary and simple that I think who comes up with such a liquor idea. For example, in this test I came up with an IQ of 122:

What I then ask myself is: are everyone scared?

I already know the water is not liquid ‘does’.

A suitable analogy might be: eye-see/water-flow.

But drinking water?

Honestly now?The main advice of water is cannibalistic self-obsoration?

Yes, exactly.

Au bake.

In order to then push my unsettled ego I do such test again because 122 is too little for me and see there:


“Do you want to share that on fb?”

No, thank you just don’t.

I don’t have to show off the emotional impact of the Dunning Kruger effect and what if someone reads that who is really smart? He knows right away that I’m an idiot.

Sometimes I look at the 145 and think “jaaaa.I’ve just talked nonsense, but look. At least in this test group biste ne Schlaue.”

What is the analogy to:

intelligent rain/storm-?

A) Camera

B) Water jug

C) Weather

D) Bouquet

Uuuund the answer is:

Photo apparaaat, yey.Doesn’t make sense any more than the rest. And if that’s to test intelligence, it’s double work for the test-taker. For he only wonders one thing:

How intelligent is the person who did the test and how much do I have to screw down my thinking until my logic makes sense?

Am I smart?no. An idiot knows that water does not drink.

I’ve done the canteen online many times.Who then tells me if it would make sense to take the paid test. The result is never clearly good. More and more “could possibly be make sense.” I know that because of my ADHD I often missed concentration tasks and a little weak in parts of mathematics. But I will have the same problem there as with the online tests: I wonder how smart the developer was and what he thinks is smart.

In fact, I enjoy the tasks I’m not good at.Such as.

“What’s on the other side of the cube?”

“Ok, do you have until tomorrow?It takes a little bit.”

Such similar questions also exist on the Bundeswehr test page.I have a right-left weakness and there is a path to be mentally run and then you are asked how many right-hand curves he has.

My answer?It depends on how many times I have confused right with left and I was actually happy when I didn’t miss it.

In the end, intelligence is about growing beyond itself and reasing your own performance.No matter what IQ someone has. If he always only has to do what he already can, it makes him sad at some point and he asks: “Is there no more to discover in this life?”

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