How healthy is Superfood?

Those who eat superfood become Superman, marry Superwoman and have Super Kids.Oh so he also has a super bang!

So “superfood”….you have to have it, you need less to celebrate huge successes.What you hear:

  • Chia seeds – for a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Chia seeds for healthy skin
  • Chia seeds for beautiful hair
  • Chia seeds for regeneration and musculoskeletal health
  • Chia seeds in strength sports
  • Chia Seeds in Endurance Sports

It’s also supervegan and without sugar.And if I put a spoonful of sawdust underneath, I even have all the fiber!

Foods such as goji berries, chia seeds and pomegranate are sprinkled high, almost idolized by some.But the effect of superfood is unprovable – and there are domestic alternatives.

Why eat local vegetables, fruits and salads?Fruit like

Why salads and vegetables such as

But prefer a vegan mac with chia seeds and gojiberry juice with miracle healing power.And as an additional topping a little Moringa leaf powder for 15 Euro /250 gr. That must be a good thing, because the tree grows 8 meters a year!

Moringa leaves contain a variety of micronutrients, including almost all vitamins and many trace elements.Moringa capsules can therefore be called a natural multivitamin.

Well, that’s what!You can’t make a state with local products. Psst… also gives rhino powder in China… is highly appreciated in traditional Chinese medicine……..soo healthy and you only need one rhino for the monthly ration.

Monkey brain is the brain of an affen.In Africa and China, among others, the brains of chimpanzees and gorillas are considered a delicacy.Perhaps replaces your own brain,

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