How has meditation emerged?

Meditation came around in Hindu and Buddhist religions in India.It started as an attempt to purify the mind by concentration exercises

The Indian source of meditation can be found in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad And The chandogya Upanishad.3000 years ago there was already a training to become Brahmin, ritual priest.You can imagine that some guys who were sent in the teachings were just monkeys (narcissistic ADHD guests). Such load posts could be stopped by the old Brahmin with a ‘ meditation assignment ‘. And that was what both parties liked, there was more to sit than they first thought. So it will have begun…

Uddâlaka said: “My son!GE have such a high opinion of yourselves, but have you questioned your teacher about that initiation that makes a man hear what is not heard, thinks what is not thought, knows what is not known? “

[Fresh from the Chândogya Upanishad 2

The word Oepanisad literally means ‘ sitting down ‘ and denotes the sitting of the pupil at the feet of the master.

[Out of foreword booklet: Ten Upanishads

Funny I find, that of Origin meditation was a kind of fusing, to get you quiet.Try to hear what is not heard! Or, as in the 18th century the Japanese Zen master Hakuin posed his pupils for the meditation assignment (koan), “by clapping in two hands a sound sounds.But what is the sound of one hand? “


Interestingly, the archaic reasoning is also the reason why man is to meditate.

The oldest Buddhist philosophy comes from the Dhammapada. There, meditation hangs together with reflection in the sense of “staying calm and thinking seriously” (earnestness I read in English):

Reflection is the path of immortality, unzoneness the path of death.They do not die, the Unzonnenen are all dead… As the sage chases away by reflection, he sees, climbing upon the Watchtower of wisdom, free from suffering down on the suffering, he sees down on the fools as Who of mountains Lowsees on the inhabitants of the plains… Through reflection, Indra ascended to reign over the gods…

[From: Words of Buddha, Dhammapada Chapter 2

The last quote about Indra is perhaps a connecting factor to the Rig Veda, the first Veda of the Brahmins, to the older clues for meditation.Rig-Veda-Wikipedia (Pin in a haystack)

… And may he too give ear, the Sage, from far away, the Dragon of the Deep, to this our relational call.Ye Sun and Moon who dwell in heaven and move in turn, and with your thought, O Earth and Sky, observe this well…

[Sacred Writings, Hinduism: The Rig Veda, translated by Griffith, Book X, hymn 93

They call you…

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