How has life evolved? How does it still develop?

The desire is the engine of development


Plato once said: “Necessity is the mother of the invention” and he was right.

The only way we can learn something starts with the desire to learn it.The rule is very simple. When we want something, we do everything we can to get it. We make time for free, put energy into it and develop the necessary skills. This shows that longing is the engine of change.

The way our desires evolve determines both the entire history of mankind and its shape.As mankind’s desires evolved, they encouraged man to study his environment so that the desires could be fulfilled. In contrast to minerals, plants and animals, humans continue to develop continuously. In every generation and in every human being, the desires are growing.


The thrust of Change – the desire – consists of five levels, from zero to four.About 5000 years ago the will to receive itself on level zero stood. Nowadays, it is, as you will suspect, at the highest level, level four.

In the early period, when the will to receive was at level zero, the unity with nature was the ordinary way of life.People didn’t know otherwise. They did not even know that they could get separated from nature and they did not want to.

In those days, the communication of the people with nature and with each other was so seamless that there was not even a need for words.Instead one communicated via thoughts, which resembles much telepathy. It was a time of unity, and all mankind seemed to be a single nation.

But at that time a change took place in Mesopotamia: The human desires began to rise and became more selfish.People wanted to change nature and start using it for themselves. Instead of adapting to nature, they wanted to change nature so that nature would meet theirneeds.They were separated from nature and from each other. Now, many centuries later, we discover that this was not a good idea. It simply does not work.


When people began to turn against their environment and society, they no longer saw each other as family and nature no longer as a home.Love was replaced by hatred, people grew apart and were separated from each other. As a result, that one people of the old World became divided.

First there was a division into two groups, one of which drew eastwards and the other to the West.These two groups were further divided and splintered, and finally the many peoples arose as we know them now.

Since this break – when our desires from level zero to level one were increased – we defy nature.Instead of correcting our ever-increasing selfishness to stay one with nature, we built a mechanical, technological shield to protect us from nature. The original reason for developing science and technology was that we wanted to secure ourselves. However, it turns out – whether or not we are aware of it – that we are now trying to control nature and that we want to be in control.


The level of selfishness in humanity has continued to grow.Each level removes us more from nature. We do not measure this distance by meters, but with properties. The properties of nature are wholeness, connectedness and giving. It is only possible to feel these qualities if we also possess these qualities. If I am egocentric, it is impossible to connect with anything that is so very and altruistic as nature. It would be just like trying to see the other while we are standing with our backs.

Because we are standing with our backs to nature and we still want to control nature, it is clear that we are becoming increasingly frustrated because we are trying to control nature more and more.This desire can never be fulfilled unless we reverse US 180 degrees.


Many people are the empty promises of technology that have long been tired of our prosperity, health and, above all, a safe future.There are too few people who have achieved all this now, and they do not even know for sure whether it will still stand tomorrow. But the advantage of this situation is that we are forced to reconsider the direction we are going to make and ask ourselves if we might follow the wrong path.

Especially now that we face the crisis and the impasse we are in, we can openly admit that the path we have chosen is dead.

Instead of opting for compensation for our selfish opposition to nature in the form of technology, we should have changed our selfishness in altruism in order to be able to come to unity with nature.In order to realise our opposition to nature, we must recognise the fracture that arose between us people 5000 years ago. It’s not easy, but it’s the first step to true health and happiness.

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