How has English become the default language for programmers?

Good question, because originally German was also very popular.The first higher programming language was developed in Germany. A pity only that Plankalkül was CONCEIVED during WWII and the Allies at the end of this war many of the German research results (and scholars) participated IN the UK and US to further study them there.For instance, these investigations helped to develop the atomic bomb that they had just finished in time before the Soviets started their invasion of Japan.

Historically, the US was more of an agrarian country, mainly agriculture and livestock farming as the most important issues, while Europe was particularly active in the field of technology.

Programming is related to algebra and mathematics and here were mainly Greek and Arabic the main languages before they were later translated into Latin and after the Middle Ages the habit came to translate new theories into multiple languages immediately so that the works of Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz could be read across Europe.And in view of the developments, mathematics will never prevail for 1 language.

But the Second World War ensured that a lot of ICT knowledge came into the hands of the British, Americans and the Soviets.These also all went through investigations, but the Soviets were partly stopped by communism itself. Of course, they succeeded in sending a man into the room and getting it down safely again. But it was difficult to turn people into more effort for science because they also needed many workers. (Plus the necessary, internal conflicts…)

However, the Americans and Western Europeans were encouraging their own people to continue inventing everything and anything and, above all, continued to exchange information among themselves.Because the US had a lot of knowledge from Germany “robbed” and taken to America it was also fairly easy for them to quickly build a new knowledge centre and shift the focus to new technologies.

During WW2, the British had also made the necessary investments in computer techniques to crack the German messages.And together with the Americans, the development of new computers suddenly went very fast. Especially in the English-speaking countries. And like mathematics, these English-language works were also translated into other languages. Only, this proves to be more difficult with programming languages because you cannot use code developed in the Netherlands in France. And English eventually turned out to be the most popular language.

But people who have worked with Excel in the past and also used macros have also noticed that these macros use the same language as the Excel version.So if you have the Dutch version, all macros are written in Dutch. Quite interesting but sometimes a bit annoying…

Ultimately, it also just has to do with popularity.In China and the Soviet Union, too few people had adequate knowledge to develop considerably with computers. But especially the UK and US invest a lot in knowledge gathering and do so with the many other European partners. In particular, English has become the language of use.

List of non-English based programming languages-Wikipedia (Non-English-based programming languages-Wikipedia)

But English has only become the most dominant language.For example, the language Algol 68 was Translated to Russian, German, French, Bulgarian and even Japanese.(And Braille…) The translations were not very successful.

But you also have to realise how the cold war made exchanging knowledge with China and the Soviets difficult.For a long time, China had no good opportunities for technological developments without foreign interference, and the Soviets bought computers from Europe and the USA to be able to reverse-engineer them and thus they often took the English Language about… They could not encourage their own people to do more research…

Do you know that so sure?Default language. Ever seen binary, hex or mojibake?

List of non-English based programming languages-Wikipedia

But it does not affect the fact that many of the current used programming languages use English speaking words for concepts in the programming language.

Many of the current languages descend from the language C, which in turn is descended from the language A. There are still older languages that go further and higher than early machine languages, such as Auto code.Look, you have little to multi-integrated circuits, if you can’t program them and just let it be that many of those first languages are developing in the United Kingdom or the United States and that are English speaking countries. There have been some later programming and scripting languages that have been developed on the European continent, for example Python is developed by a Dutchman and PHP by a Dane, but these languages could only find large numbers of deductions if they were open source and used English concepts. It is an example of embeddedness (also an English word), where it is difficult to get rid of, once it begins.

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