How far do you think you can go?

The people have different talents is undisputed.The extent to which these talents differ in different groups of people is another question. Personally, I assume that there are indeed differences in skills. Thus, people who run 100m in less than 10 seconds are effectively always descendants of Africans from Central Africa. Analogous to the best cross-country skiers from East Africa or the Northwest of Africa.

So there are many other differences, e.g. Europeans – besides an African tribe – also tolerate milk well in old age (lactose tolerance), certain Asians do not tolerate alcohol and much more is still there.

Some do not like crooked noses, others like the body odor of other breeds (the closer you are related, the less you smell it), some don’t like sages or others don’t like blacks ..

There is no question that there is racism – in its repulsive form.This repulsive form is “worse” when people are considered “worse” because of their affiliation to an ethnic group. Conversely, it is not much better to see another ethnic group as “better” only on the basis of the same. There is probably such a kind of racism in all sections of the population. Nevertheless, everyone has the right to their opinion. It becomes critical when other people are treated badly for this very reason.

Since the term racism is used to sway – and many (especially on the left) accuse other racism, but even being racist (with the strangest definitions imaginable – denying this) the topic is still important in Germany today.

Funnily enough, certain left-wing groups defend the racism of e.g. Turks (Turkish people) or other “minorities” against “bio-Germans” with the fact that Rassimus could only come from the majority society.To argue like this, it is not enough in my opinion not to have a plywood board in front of your head, since it must be a thick plank. Racism has nothing to do with minorities or the majority.

From the same corner, however, comes an extreme hatred of “the Germans” or the (evil) “old white men” (although this is not only racist but also sexist and a defamation of older people).Probably “left” will now define that leftists cannot be racist by definition, just as “P枚bel Ralle” also denies that leftists can be violent.

A small remark about the “old white men” – these are those who have been responsible for the last centuries for progress in the world, for art, culture, science and technology.Without these “white old men” the horse-drawn team would still be the most advanced means of transport. Surely some green-inspired Schlauberger will now think that this would be much better. But he would certainly be better off if a large proportion of children in adolescence, many women, would die in childbeds, epidemics and famines would simply be the norm.

Let us, and not ideologically blinded ignorants, inoculate a new racism against whites (men).

The misfortune of the world is much more ideologues and believers and other truth-owners.

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