How far are we from being able to stop the ageing process?

Age is part of life.Maybe it sounds scary, but who wants to walk around this globe forever? (I don’t!) Time is fast and one is afraid to miss certain experiences in life, but yet more and more people have plenty of time to experience and learn from everything. Aging is something that needs to be accepted and can only be influenced by your way of life, or your lifestyle. At least, haha, this is then coming from the healthy method, without all the nonsense that people try to sell each other. There are a lot of resources on the market, but a common sense is that this is temporary or that there is a need to make observations (usually there are negative consequences).

IMPORTANT: Avoid the chronic use of medication.It’s a game and only a pharmacist really knows what its effects are for you, at least for himself there is a nice expensive holiday in hear every year. So take more and even more;)

Okay, I come back to life: once I was sitting as a boy staring at the starry sky and felt the fear of ever dying, but that thought was created from the lack of knowledge and experience of life.Gosh, what were the stars bright (it was in Asia by the way) and what I had a questions. Questions such as where do we go after death and what is the purpose of life? (I am Muslim by the way, kinda weird, because this goes I think against my own belief in)

At the moment I do not think so, because that is a thought that makes ourselves mentally broken.

Better one can think how we can improve life (quality over quantity!) and what is really important to us.

But what really helps to inhibit the aging process:

I always say to the people who I give them that they should pay attention to their bodies, because eventually they will get older and sometimes, unfortunately, only to understand afterwards.

What I mean by this:

  • Live Healthy (hygiene, nutrition, movement),
  • Be social (experience, contact, relationships, knowledge, but also prevention of psychological problems)
  • Challenge yourself by doing fun things (this in combination with your social life, going out on an adventure, building things up)

But all this starts with you, you have to ask yourself what you desire of life.

Don’t worry about aging, as it’s like birth, growing up and discovering, parenting and aging points that characterize life.

Finally, a comparison:

You will see 2 people for you in your thought, the one that is tandenbrushing every day and the other who never does this.The one with a neat bite and the other with missing teeth, holes etc. (This is not only for the teeth, but for you in general, because the body is a cohesive one in which each organ affects each other)

Which path do you choose?

This flower stands on the grave of my father, a very beautiful flower, but also temporarily, like everything…

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