How exactly does SEO work?

If you have no idea what to start with, I recommend you read an SEO guide.I have put together instructions and checklists around SEO that can also help you in the new year.

So check your knowledge of the latest topics and achieve further SEO success!

Instructions and guides

Don’t you really know what to do with SEO?

Don’t panic, here’s a good list that will guide you step by step to master SEO. Even professionals can find useful things for their work here.

General tutorials


Start with a very unusual guide by Fabian Auler, co-owner of the SEO agency Farbentour, in which he reports on how search engines actually work.Here he also explains important rules, which remain up-to-date despite the constant development of the SEO world.


With Jannik Lindner’s SEO guide, you’ll learn basics and best practices that can improve Google’s ranking.Daniel Heller explains what SEO is and how you avoid problems with the ranking in an ultimate ranking guide.No less remarkable is the guideby Brian Klanten, which consists of 10 large chapters.Checklists are also provided.


In the evergreenmediablog an in-depth guide to such a fine thing as WordPress SEO has been published.Having trouble optimizing your website created with this CMS? Then read this incredibly extensive guide. If you have any further questions about the topic, I recommend reading the“WordPress SEO Tutorial 2018: How to bring your website forward”.Learn how to optimize your WordPress site.

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