How effective is Facebook Messenger Marketing 2019 really?

Today, more than 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month.

I don’t want to talk about WhatApp and other Messenger services here…

The trend is clearly moving away from open timelines to secure communication in a closed community…


Have you ever thought about what this means for your business and your marketing strategy?

Building a REAL, honest relationship with your (potential) customers is one of the keys to success if you want to sell today.

In a time when EVERYTHING is TRANSPARENT, where we check our news more than 20 times a day and spend more than 3 hours a day on social media and messaging…

…. in such a time it is no longer enough to cut out an Insta or Facebook post every day or to direct a few visitors to your website…

If you want to sell online today, you have to take your followers and fans from the first second, on a CUSTOMER JOURNEY, so on a journey where they fall in love with your strong brand….

And you should have only one goal… (and this is surprisingly not to be sold in the first place… -:)


Your focus should be on building trust, delivering added value and providing the coolest experience EVER…

How does this work?Ok… let me say a few things about it…

The most important thing in the first place.

Basically, you shouldn’t just look at Facebook from a marketing perspective.

Because no one is here on Facebook to be pitched by you.Not even through the back door.

A “Hey, how are you?” to promote your business two messages later… ??

You don’t seriously believe that works, do you?

People aren’t scared.

To be honest with you…

If you don’t have an honest interest in people, I don’t think you should be on social media at all.STAY AWAY and try your luck with Google AdWords ads or anything else, but don’t try to win customers by “fake socializing”.

But if you’re interested in helping other people pick them up where they are and are really interested in their success, then you’re right here…

Your Facebook Messenger helps you win leads, build trust, deliver value, stay in touch with your fans and customers, and end up selling YES if you do everything right.

Because one thing should be clear to you.You will find it very difficult to sell something to people if they don’t know you, don’t know how you work or have no confidence in you.

The key to success via Facebook Messenger Marketing is actually already included in Facebook’s policies:

– Get better in marketing
– Become better at talking to people
– And learn to build long-term relationships.


With Facebook’s renewed focus on building REAL relationships, you can’t avoid a sensible messenger strategy in the medium term anyway.

Instead of making your website the HEART of your business, you should consider focusing on your Messenger activities

My TIP to you: You should return to the basics of good marketing.And preferably yesterday, but at the latest NOW.

Find creative ways and focus on your community and Tribe and what’s important to them.Try to promote relationships and engagement.

“We have to forget everything we’ve learned over the last 20 years, because what’s coming here will change the way we get customers forever.”

– Shane Mac,
CEO of Assist

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